These are the most successful countries in the Six Nations

These are the countries that have historically been strongest in the Six Nations.

Rugby players during a match

This Saturday begins one of the most entertaining and interesting rugby competitions on the planet: the Six Nations. / Photo: Pixabay

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This Saturday begins one of the most entertaining and interesting rugby competitions on the planet: the Six Nations. This tournament that exists since 2000, faces the teams of England, France, Ireland; Italy, Scotland and Wales in a month of the best rugby on the planet.

Unfortunately, this time the competition will be held without spectators. Even so, you will be able to see the best rugby in the world from February 6 to March 20 of this year.

But who is there to encourage? If you are new to this sport, or simply don't know much about its history, here we show you who are the teams that have won the most in this competition.

England- 29 wins (10 shared)

The English are the undisputed champions of this competition, with 29 Six Nations won throughout their history. According to the official tournament page, they also have the highest number of games won in the history of the competition with 265 total wins and a victory percentage of 54.87%. This time around, their odds of winning it all are 2-1 according to Oddschecker, showing that in the betting world at least they are still the favorites.

Wales - 27 wins (12 shared)

This region is the second most winning region in the history of the competition, with 27 victories. According to the official website of the Six Nations, they have achieved 256 won games and have a victory percentage of 53.22%. This time, the bets that Wales can win it all are 40-1 so they are not exactly the favorites. However, his track record of success could end up surprising fans.

France- 17 wins (8 shared)

England's rivals haven't played as many games as Ireland or Scotland, but they have had a history of victories in the Six Nations. Since joining the competition in 1910 (when it was still called the Home Nations Championship) the French have won 198 games and have a victory percentage of 51.56%. This time Oddschecker ranks their chances of winning as 5-1 which makes them favorites after England.

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Scotland- 15 wins (9 shared)

Scotland historically currently holds the second worst record in the Six Nations, a win percentage of 41.32%. The Scots have won 200 games in the history of the competition, but in 2021, their chances are not looking very good as the odds of winning are 80-1 . A risky bet, especially since they haven't won a tournament since 2000.

Ireland- 14 wins (9 shared)

The Irish are the most mediocre of the competition, they have never been as good as England or Wales but they are not as bad as Scotland or the country we will see next. Since the competition began, they have won 211 games and have a 43.69% victory percentage. This time around, they're a bit of a risky bet, as your odds of winning it all are 11-1.

Italy- 0 victories

The newest competitor to the Six Nations is such a huge historical loser it seems like a joke. Not only have they not won once, but of the 105 games they have played they have only tasted victory 11 times. This leaves them with a pathetic win percentage of 11.43%. The odds that they will win it all this time? Oddschecker places them at 500-1. It would be a waste of money.