Latino romantic playlist to hear on Valentine's Day

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Do you want to spend a good romantic day? Discover the best Latin music to find the passion that is in you .

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We bring you a playlist with the best songs by Latin American artists to listen to this February 14. / Photo: Unsplash

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Valentine's Day is coming, a special date to enjoy with the person you love or declare all your emotions. Especially in the field of art and entertainment, there are different options to demonstrate that special feeling that many are feeling right now .

For this reason, we wanted to find the best songs by Latin American artists that talk about love so that you can feel identified. Let's see the list!

El Polaco ft. Natalie Pérez - El Regalo

El Polaco is one of the most important artists of the Latin American tropical scene . The Argentine, popular for his recent participation in MasterChef Celebrity Argentina 2020, decided to release a single with one of his collegues from the entertainment program, the artist and singer Natalie Pérez.

Unsurprisingly when two popular artists came together, the song was a huge hit , especially for its romantic theme. You should listen to this single from 2021 if you want to declare your love to a person with whom you have a friendly bond but both seem to know that there is something more than friendship.

Resident - Antes que el mundo se acabe

It should not impress anyone: Residente is one of the greatest eminences of Latin American and world rap . Although at first he was oriented towards that musical style and even flirted with reggaetón, little by little he showed that his musical range is extremely wide, as in this case pop.

A proof of this was given with this 2020 single that came out especially in a context of pandemic. The idea of confinement generated that the artist encouraged others to express their love for another person "before the world ends" , something that can be seen in the video clip, where more than 100 kisses are seen in different parts of the world , including celebrities like Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef, Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck or Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo .

Miranda - Me gustas tanto

Another romantic hymn. Again, we have a single released in 2019, although in this case the lyrics will be combined with an electro-pop musical style perfect for dancing, according to Sony Music .

The lyrics tell the story of a person who wants to rebuild his relationship with someone he "likes so much" and who seemed to get used to constantly showing his affection, especially through social networks. Therefore, this song can perfectly express your feelings of doubt that you have when someone fascinates you.

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Camilo - Favorito

Released as a single in 2020 through Sony Music, it belongs to the album Por primera vez, from that same year . The Colombian singer decided to incorporate moving and tropical rhythms, being a theme that characterizes the music of this artist. In the video, we can also see images of the honeymoon between him and Evaluna (his wife) in the French Polynesia .

Precisely, the theme indicates that, no matter how much money you have or places in the world that you have visited, you will always have a “favorite place” to be: with your loved one. Again, it can be a more than interesting option if you want a Latin rhythm, but also beautiful phrases that show the love you feel on this special date.

Bad Bunny - Trellas

Bad Bunny is the artist of the moment . In 2020, we had seen that the Puerto Rican became the most reproduced artist of the year, as he achieved more than 8.3 billion listeners worldwide. In addition, that year he released "El último tour del mundo" a musical album that contains Trellas as one of his tracks.

Well, in this song we see a Bad Bunny completely devoted to the search for love , with a song that moves away from the urban genre and that seems to show his feelings. More specifically, you should listen to it if you are looking for the special one, but you haven't find him/her yet .

Mon Laferte - Amor completo

Finally, we close with the Chilean artist who also has a special song for this Valentine's Day. This song was released as a single from her album Mon Laferte Vol. 1, from 2015, from the time she began to explode until she reached a point where she is one of the most popular singers in Latin America.

In it, she makes a perfect description of what she considers what love is. You should listen to it if you want to know how you can feel so many things in such a short time and not die , but, on the contrary, you are "complete", because you give yourself to someone else who manages to make you flourish.

We hope you can enjoy Valentine's Day with these songs!