Opinion: Women's soccer in Colombia is slowly dying

Professional women's soccer in Colombia is being ignored and despised.

Soccer players during a match

The news that sparked outrage came from a statement where it is assured that the women's season would only last two months. / Photo: Pixabay

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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In recent weeks in Colombia, the double standard that Dimayor, the Colombian Soccer Major Division, employs for its men's and women's leagues has become evident. The news that sparked outrage came from a press release in which the greatest exponent of Colombian football assured that the women's season would only last two months.

"In the season schedule, it is established that the 2021 Women's League begins on July 18 and ends in the first weeks of September," the statement cites.

Several Colombian players have expressed their disapproval of this new calendar, arguing that it affects the development of the players in the country and the continuity of the league in it.


Natalia Gaitan, a player for the Colombia National Team and Sevilla FC, spoke in a Twitter post about this: “It is very difficult that in a month and a half a PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE can develop. A REAL commitment is needed on the part of all the protagonists for the development of women's football in Colombia and to provide the necessary guarantees to the players."

Altogether, the players of the Colombia team also voiced their disapproval of this new calendar,

“With sadness, we see that there is a lack of commitment and willingness to plan a solid structure that allows executing a long-term project. Women's Soccer in Colombia cannot continue to be treated as an issue that must be met. Women's Soccer is a reality and as the highest representatives of the sport it is our duty to open the voice so that this reality is recognized and respected ”they commented in a statement.


As a result of the media attention that this news has attracted, the President of Dimayor spoke about it. He acknowledged in a press conference that the players are "absolutely right" and that they will try to give them all the guarantees during the year.

However, he also clarified that this may not happen due to "circumstances" in a strange but not unexpected shrug.

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The truth is that the skepticism of players and coaches is palpable. Few believe that enough is being done to give continuity to women's football and this is making us fall short on the international stage. Hopefully, their voices result in more than just a generic response, to avoid a possible talent drain that we later regret.


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