HBO Max in Latin America: all the details of the platform

The service that will replace HBO Go in Latin America in June will have a more than interesting content .

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HBO Max will be available in Latin America from June. / Photo: Unsplash

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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The war to see who will own streaming is increasingly complex. From the outset, Netflix had established itself as the undisputed leader of this type of services , since it gave an option that, until now, had been refreshing, managing to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

However, little by little different competitors began to emerge. We saw it with Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and, in this case, HBO Max will appear, which will be available in Latin America from June .  Check out everything that this platform will offer and what it could mean for the streaming world.

HBO Max in Latin America

Being a platform that will be available in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico , the North American company had confirmed the news through a tweet on its official account. The truth is that this was an early launch in the calendar, since, at first, it had been stipulated for the second half of 2021 .

The first thing to say is that HBO Max itself could revolutionize the world of cinema . This service is associated with Warner Bros, which, as revealed by the BBC, intend to release all the films of this year in the cinema and in the application . In other words, it would imply a paradigm shift in exclusive movie theaters.

These works would include films such as Matrix 4, Godzilla vs Kong or Dune , so it is a risky move that will also begin to have a place in our region. Precisely, this movement will mean the end of HBO Go, as had happened in the United States, since the service will be discontinued to offer more extensive content .

Anyway, those people who are subscribed to HBO Go in Latin America will have instant access to the new platform . In other words, customers who bill directly or through intermediaries will be able to benefit from the new audiovisual content grid.

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Now, what content can be seen on HBO Max in Latin America? In this sense, it should be noted that HBO Max groups all the content that belongs to WarnerMedia. On this platform , everything related to HBO, DC, New Line, TNT, CNN or Warner Bros itself would be reproduced .

Some sagas, such as the case of Harry Potter , will be available with all his films, while also thinking about expanding their universe with new productions in series format that generate wishes that more and more people subscribe. That is, not only existing content, but also new original material.

In any case, the catalog would be expanded with series and films of enormous success, such as Game of Thrones and its future spin-offs, Euphoria, Chernobyl or Batman . In addition, local content will be produced under the name Max Originals, so we can also expect content from our region to be generated.

For now, June will be the date on which HBO Max lands in Latin America . It will arrive before Europe, as WarnerMedia itself reported in its statement that it will be in the old continent before the end of the year. If the content is attractive, HBO Max could position itself as one of the first alternatives for users when choosing which service to hire.