What will the plan to expand the Game of Thrones universe look like?

HBO Max will premiere new productions of the work of George RR Martin, to the point where the original series could be modified .

Game of Thrones series photography

The company has in mind at least two prequel series set in Westeros: House of the Dragon and Tales of Dunk and Egg. Photo: IG-gameofthrones

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Streaming platforms are waging a content battle to captivate new subscribers. As users have more and more options available, the truth is that the difference in deciding which one to pay will be what they have to offer. We are talking, of course, about series and films with acquired rights, but also about original productions.

One that will not want to fold it's arms is HBO Max. Knowing that Game of Thrones is a franchise with a huge number of fans , it is clear that it will be one of the promoters of the catalog of this streaming platform. Therefore, the company has in mind at least two prequel series set in Westeros: House of the Dragon and Tales of Dunk and Egg .

In HobbyConsolas they had revealed that the first of these two series will be released in 2022 , while the second has no date yet. However, from the company they are clear that they will not be the only productions based on the original series . On the contrary, there is an expansion strategy that could even lead to expanding the events of the parallel baseline.

Game of Thrones expansion

According to an interview in The Hollywood Reporter with Casey Bloys, the head of content production for HBO Max, there will be a carefully planned strategy for adding content based on the Game of Thrones universe .

This is precisely one of the first points to highlight. Unlike what happens with Disney Plus, which announced dozens of series based on its most successful franchises (such as Marvel and Star Wars), here quality will be prioritized over quantity. That is, no series will be made unless there is a good idea that means a complement to the original idea .

This first decision would be strongly inspired by the criticism that the last season of Game of Thrones had. Due to production problems, the story did not have a satisfactory ending for the fans, who described several episodes of this stage as the "worst" of the entire saga. So they prefer to move slowly but surely.

The idea of thinking “what stories to tell” instead of “how many programs are needed” means evaluating proposals from different worlds. So for the moment, the idea is to explore the vast past that surrounds Westeros , something that will be done with House of the Dragon and Tales of Dunk and Egg.

The first will be set about 300 years before the events of the main story, while the second will only by 90 earlier. However, both would be connected to House Targaryen . For this reason, at the moment, Deadline indicates that there is no specific number of other productions designed to expand the catalog, although it is something that will eventually end up happening.

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However, there is a point that is extremely important and that could serve as an expansion of the events of the original series. Although so far, as we have mentioned, only two prequels have been confirmed, there is a chance that adventures will be generated that happen in parallel with the main series and even continuations of Game of Thrones.

Although, for the moment, the plan is oriented towards the previous stories, the truth is that some parallel plots in other parts of the world could solve some of the narrative errors that occurred in the last season . Something similar to what would be happening with The Mandalorian, the Disney Plus series that explains some of the little-discussed events of the latest film trilogy.

However, there is no intention of "remaking" the last season or changing the canon of what the Game of Thrones story entailed . HBO is perfectly clear that this story has ended, although that does not mean that it cannot be given a new narrative value through other accessories and even think of a continuation of the adventure.

If we consider that, approximately , Game of Thrones knew how to give HBO about 1 billion dollars each year , the most sensible strategy seems to be to think about the next moves so as not to saturate the fans. Precisely, those who are unhappy with the closure of the original series and who hope that one of the most important franchises in history will be taken care of.