Most important news of Nintendo Direct 2021

The new Nintendo event brought all the news corresponding to the company's video games this year .

Frame of the video game trailer 'Outer Wilds'

These are the most important announcements of the Nintendo Direct of 2021. Photo: YT-GameSpot Trailers

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Nintendo is one of the most important companies in the world of video games. For this reason, its community of fans usually wait impatiently for all the news that corresponds to the next titles for their consoles. This 2021 was not going to be the exception, as this year's Nintendo Direct brought a lot of announced content.

Particularly, emphasis was placed on all the video games that will reach the platforms throughout the first half of this year, although there were also some other surprises thought for much later. Let's know the most important announcements of the Nintendo Direct of 2021.

Outer Wilds

A more than interesting game that will arrive on the Nintendo Switch. In this case, the Japanese company decided to provide details about its foray into this platform, where we will have special adventures that are more than interesting, in which death will be inevitable ... and that we will see several times.

With a more than original premise, we will play the role of an astronaut who is about to leave his planet 22 minutes before the sun of the system explodes destroying everything in its path. Precisely, it will be a loop in which you can explore space and understand why the universe, in reality, never ends up being completely destroyed.

Samurai Warriors 5

Another of the most anticipated sagas. In this case, the title of Koei Tecmo will also arrive on the Nintendo Switch, presenting a genre that is more than transcendent in recent times: the musou, which from Japanese translates as a style in which there is a hero who has powers and face multitudes of enemies in epic battles .

Well, this new generation will be a "1 against 1000" installment, where we will be presented with a renewed story, with a polished character design and graphics that will transcend the other editions. Let us remember that it will be the fifth chapter chronologically, in which it will focus on the characters of Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi , in the Japanese Sengoku period.

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Legend of mana

One of the most anticipated titles by fans that was confirmed to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on June 24 . We are talking about a return with all the letters, because, as the specialized medium Vida Extra highlights, it is a remastering that will return after about 20 years.

All the aspects that made this title special at the time will be preserved, although giving it a facelift that will adjust to this new era. Being a classic role-playing game, players will be tasked with bringing light back to a world that has fallen into ruin, as a legendary item known as the Sword of Mana has been lost.

Mario Gold Super Rush

Mario returns with an installment that will also cause a sensation among fans. From Meristation they say that on June 25 it will land on the Nintendo Switch , where a story mode and other game modes will be added to a legendary saga that returns with movement controls, but also with the possibility of using the buttons.

Basically, we will have the most iconic characters of the plumber saga, combined in a sports environment and with a gameplay that has become characteristic: golf, where we will have different scenarios and skills that we can enhance to play alone or in multiplayer.

No More Heroes 3

Perhaps the biggest madness that was announced in this new edition. On August 27, the arrival of No More Heroes 3 to the Nintendo Switch was confirmed , being a very special title, because we will once again put ourselves in the shoes of Travis to face an alien race that will give us a great battle.

Precisely, it is the third in the saga where we will be presented with eccentric combats. In addition, we will have the pleasure of having the Beam Katana, a weapon that became extremely popular, which is combined with a glove that is full of abilities so that we can avoid the threat from outside.

DC Super Hero Girls

Of course, the little ones would also have their surprises at this event. We are talking about a game that will introduce us to the most famous heroines of the DC Comics universe and that will be released on the Nintendo Switch from June 4, specially designed to play with the family.

Through a cartoonish style, we can meet some of the most powerful and famous women in DC. Among the template we see that Supergirl, Batgirl, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman appear , which is why we will have different skills and game modes to use.

Star wars hunter

Finally, another of the surprises that were announced in this edition. During 2021 we will receive a delivery based on the galactic adventures of the saga created by George Lucas, being a proposal presented as a free-to-play third-person shooter that will reach the Switch and mobile phones .

Set between the periods corresponding to Episode V and Episode VI, we will have the most iconic characters in the history of Star Wars to use, in addition to some of the most representative planets and settings of a saga that has marked an era in cinema and the videogames.

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