The actors who spent the least time on screen and won the Oscar

Can you win the Oscar for best performance by appearing less than 20 minutes in the movie? These 8 actors prove it is possible.

Anthony Hopkins and Gloria Grahame

These are 8 actors who have been able to take the most important statuette of the cinema with less than 20 minutes in the film. Photos: TW-anthonyhopkins, Press photo

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Awards season is on . Winning the Oscar is the greatest recognition that an actor can have in terms of his interpretation of a character, even Vanity Fair magazine jokingly reviews that an Oscar is in the United States the closest thing to a royal title . But to win an Oscar for best performance it is not necessary to appear in almost every scene, it can be enough to make the most of those few minutes on screen with an impeccable performance that emanates genuine feelings and without clichés, in this way 8 actors have been able to take the most important statuette of the cinema with less than 20 minutes in the film, who are they?

Gloria Grahame

This American actress, born in 1923 and who died in 1981, was the first person to win an Oscar despite appearing less than 20 minutes in the film . Grahame won the statuette for best supporting actress in 1952 thanks to the film "The Bad and the Beautiful", where Graham played Rosemary Bartolow, the wife of a screenwriter named Bartlow. For this role, Gloria appeared 9 minutes and 32 seconds on screen , long enough to win the Oscar in a film that received six nominations and won five, in addition, also won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress in this performance.

Anthony Quinn

The first Latin American and Spanish-speaker to win an Oscar , this was achieved by the Mexican actor in 1953 with the film "Viva Zapata!" played by Marlon Brando. Here Quinn plays the character of Eufemio Zapata, brother of the military leader and peasant Emiliano Zapata. Although this role gave him the Oscar for best supporting actor, it would be in 1957 when Anthony Quinn would receive another Oscar for best supporting actor for a performance that made him spend only 8 minutes on screen for the movie "Lust for Life", where he plays the role of Paul Gauguin, a 19th century painter and best friend of Vicent Van Gogh -with whom he lost his ear- and the main character of the film.

David Niven

This British actor managed to win the Oscar statuette for best actor with the leading role in the film "Separate Tables" in 1958 , where he plays David Angus Pollock, a retired military man who hides a history of sexual harassment that can discredit his years of service. Despite being the main character, Niven only appears for 15 minutes and 38 seconds , this film would be nominated in seven categories of the Oscar, where Niven won the best actor, the same recognition he received at the Golden Globes.

Ingrid bergman

This Swedish actress was part of the golden age of Hollywood and managed to win three Oscars during her career, the last of them was in 1974 as best supporting actress in the movie "Murder on the Orient Express" where she plays Greta Ohlsson, a missionary who goes to the United States looking for money for her next mission and one of the possible suspects of a murder perpetrated on a train. Bergman only appeared on screen for 14 minutes and 18 seconds .

Beatrice Straight

The American actress is the one who holds the record for the shortest screen time to win an Oscar for best supporting actress in a film that received 10 nominations in this award, it is Network, released in 1976. Straight played Louise Schumacher, wife of the Editor of a television show who cheats on her with another woman, and the fact is that most of Straight's appearance consists of facing her husband, so she is only on screen for 5 minutes and 40 seconds, enough for the Oscar .

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Anthony Hopkins

The mythical British actor would get his only Oscar for best actor in 1991 with the film "The Silence of the Lambs" , where he plays Hannibal Lecter, a cunning psychiatrist and serial killer for cannibal crimes who is incarcerated and helps a detective from the FBI in one case. Hopkins is only on screen for 16 minutes , earning him the best actor Oscar and a BAFTA award.

Judi Dench

One of the most important British actresses in history, Dench was nominated seven times for Oscars, but would only win once for best supporting actress in 1999 with the film "Shakespeare in Love" , where she plays the role of the queen of England Isabel I. Dench only appears in 8 minutes of the film that became a hit with 12 Oscar nominations .

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Anne Hathaway

Hoy cumple 38 años la maravillosa Anne Hathaway. Ganó el premio Óscar, el Globo de Oro, el BAFTA y el SAG a la Mejor actriz de reparto por su interpretación en Los miserables.
¡FELICIDADES! pic.twitter.com/RY528yzoTX

— Formula Music (@Formula_Music) November 12, 2020

The American actress is the most recent to win an Oscar for a performance less than 20 minutes, after receiving the statuette for best supporting actress in 2013 thanks to her role in "Les Miserables" , where Anne plays Fantine, a A poor woman who, before dying, leaves her daughter under the care of her former boss and protagonist of the story. Anne appears on screen for 15 minutes, enough to win the Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and all the awards for which she was nominated for best supporting actress.


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