The most important goals of the "ex's law"

The ex's law is usually decisive in some games. Let's know the most emblematic cases where a player converted his former team.

Goals by Cristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid and Lucas Pratto with River Plate

These have been the most emblematic goals of players who have passed through a certain team and who, when they pass to another, end up scoring goals at the moment of facing each other. Photo: YT-Real Madrid CF, YT-ESPN Fans

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For those who do not know, " the law of the ex " in soccer is about players who have passed through a certain team and who, when they go to another, end up scoring goals at the moment of facing each other .

This happens regularly and has special cases when those team figures who, by changing their shirts, also score and make the fans cry, those who before were happy with his performances. There are even examples where players who did not perform well in their previous team, then play well and also convert.

Whatever the case, it is such a strong law that it occurs at very specific times and that generated different repercussions. Therefore, we decided to collect the best goals scored through the ex's law that meant something important for one reason or another.

David Luiz vs Chelsea

David Luiz is a very disputed player. Although, at first, he managed to stand out as a fundamental piece of Chelsea , his poor performance in the last stage and his transfer to Arsenal, the Londoners' main rival, made the Brazilian no longer so loved by ex-club fans .

However, there was an event that detonated the relationship between David Luiz and Chelsea: the goal he scored against them in 2015, while he was playing for French PSG , after his first stint in the blues. In the knockout stages of the Champions League, the central defender returned to Stamford Bridge, where he scored a goal that he screamed with fury, which served for Chelsea to end up eliminated and generate controversies about his figure.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Manchester United

Unlike the previous case, this goal scored through the ex's law did not influence the affection of the fans too much . Basically because the Portuguese is one of the greatest figures of Manchester United , but the truth is that he also stood out enormously at Real Madrid, the team he addressed after finishing his stancy in the Premier League.

In 2013 the "merengues" faced the English team for the UEFA Champions League. Well, Cristiano Ronaldo not only scored a goal in that key, but two : one at the Santiago Bernabéu and one at Old Trafford, on the return leg. Those goals made it possible for the Spanish team to go through to the round, but also for United to miss their goals and their ability.

Gonzalo Higuain vs Napoli

In this case, we return to the controversies . The Argentine forward was one of the players most loved by the Neapolitans ... until he decided to go to Juventus , perhaps the team with which they have the greatest rivalry. It was precisely a matter of time before they faced each other again and a problem arose.

We saw it in the year 2017, when the Turin team fell 3-2 against the Neapolitans. However, it was enough to leave them out of the semifinal. In that match, Higuaín scored two goals with which he ended up earning the hatred of his former team , in addition to the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, who accused him of being a "traitor."

Álvaro Morata vs Real Madrid

A curious case. The Spanish striker had emerged from the Real Madrid quarry, but the truth is that he never had too many opportunities. For this reason, he ended up being loaned to Juventus, in which he caught on magnificent numbers and, at the same time, dazzled his previous club… thanks to the ex's law.

More specifically, we are talking about the UEFA Champions League in its 2014-2015 edition, where two goals from the striker allowed Real Madrid to be eliminated from this edition's semifinal . Some time later, the Spanish decided to execute an option to buy back the striker, due to the good impression he offered them in that match.

Frank Lampard vs Chelsea

Maybe this goal wasn't that important to win a cup or qualify, but it was an emotional hard blow for Chelsea. In this case , the midfielder was one of the most iconic players in the entire history of the London team . So everyone was surprised when he went on loan to Manchester City.

No one saw it as a betrayal, as he had an explanation. He would move to New York City in the MLS in December 2015, but was released from Chelsea in August . Therefore, so that he does not lose playtime in those 6 months, they decided to send him on loan to an associated team: Man. City. Then what no Chelsea fan wanted happened. In a Premier League match he scored against his former team, although he did not shout it.

Lucas Pratto vs Boca

Perhaps the most important on this entire list. Lucas Pratto had a short stint at Boca Juniors, where he could never settle due to having to compete with one of the figures of the xeneize club: Martín Palermo . However, he would have his chance at River Plate, where he would end up scoring iconic goals for soccer history.

It was the first - and so far, only - time that Boca and River met in a Copa Libertadores final. There, Lucas Pratto scored against his former team in the first leg at La Bombonera , after Boca took the lead and River restart from the middle. However, the thing would not end there: he would also score in the extraordinary game in Madrid, where River became champion of that contest .