The 5 most valuable sports teams in the world

Contrary to what was thought, these teams increased in value in 2020 despite the pandemic.

New York Yankess

These teams increased in value in 2020 despite the pandemic. Photo: Alex Trautwig / MLB Photos

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Forbes, a magazine specializing in business and finance, published the top 50 of the most valuable sports teams of all of 2020, which is dominated by the American football (NFL), basketball (NBA), and baseball (MLB) franchises. ) in addition to European football clubs, since no team either Formula 1, NASCAR among other sports managed to overcome the barrier of 2,200 million dollars, a minimum figure that is increasing each year, in 2019 this was 2,080 million Dollars.

The sport with the greatest presence in the ranking is undoubtedly the NFL, with a total of 27 places, followed by the NBA with 9, while MLB and European football have 7 clubs each. However, no soccer team appears in the top 5, unlike in 2019 in which there were two, this is due to the increase in the value of other clubs and that Forbes has not updated the soccer figures since May 2019, likewise in this sport the most valuable is in Real Madrid of Spain, with a value of 4.240 million dollars that makes it occupy the sixth place on the list. What are the 5 most valuable teams of 2020?

5. Golden State Warriors

From the NBA and the place where the famous Stephen Curry plays, this club from San Francisco and former NBA champion has a current value of 4.3 billion dollars, a fairly high figure considering that in 2010 it was bought for 450 million dollars. -a record number for the moment- at that time Golden State had 35 seasons without lifting the title, after being sold and having a new project, it would take 5 years to become NBA champions again, a fact that they repeated in 2017 and 2018 Its buyers and current owners are Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, both sports and entertainment billionaires.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

Another NBA club and current home to LeBron James is worth $ 4.4 billion. Coming from Los Angeles, California, the Lakers are a mythical world basketball team since they share with the Boston Celtics the record for the most NBA titles with 17 trophies, the last won precisely in 2020, in addition to having been the home to multiple sports stars such as Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kobe Bryant.

The current owners of the Lakers are the Buss family since 1979 and now with Jeanie Buss at the helm after the death of his father in 2013, according to ESPN. Philip Anschutz also owns a third of the team and curiously owns the local stadium, Anschutz has a great fortune due to various investments in oil, real estate, entertainment, and more.

3. New York Knicks

The most valuable basketball team in the NBA despite the fact that its last championship was in 1973, the Knicks has a value of 4.600 million dollars and is owned by the Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) group and is the reason why This team has such a high value without winning trophies, MSG is according to Forbes the number one company in sports broadcasting and entertainment, they own several stadiums and spaces for mass events.

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2. New York Yankees

This historic team is the most valuable in the MLB and top champion with 27 titles - followed by the St. Louis Cardinals, with 11 trophies - although its last celebration was in 2009, the Yankees have been home to important players like Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter among many others. The value of this club is 5,000 million dollars, its current owner is the Steinbrenner family when in 1973 George Steinbrenner acquired the Yankees for 10 million dollars since 2008 the owner is Hal Steinbrenner, George's youngest son, who died in 2010.

1. Dallas Cowboys

The most valuable team in the NFL and the entire world of sport, the Texas club is worth 5.5 billion dollars and for the fifth consecutive year is at the top of the list, while for 13 years it has been the most valuable in the NFL, increasing in value every year despite the fact that its last championship won was in 1996. Its current owner and since 1989 is the oil billionaire Jerry Jones, who at that time bought the team for 150 million dollars, from So he has managed to exploit the income from the boxes, seats, sponsorships, and events to make his team the most valuable in sport.

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