Soccer: reasons why the United States (male) did not qualify for the Olympics

The United States men's soccer team has not been to the Olympics since 2008, what is happening? .

United States soccer team

After their defeat in the semifinals of the CONCAF qualifiers, the United States completed 3 World Cups without being able to attend with their men's team. Photo: ussoccer.com

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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After their defeat in the semifinals of the CONCAF qualifiers, the United States completed 3 Olympic Games without being able to attend with their men's team. The superpower hasn't brought its soccer team to games since 2008.

Even in 2008 it cannot be said that they had a very good turnout. Their women's team took gold, but the men's languished in the group stage, with a win, a draw and a loss, preventing them from reaching the quarter-finals.

The funny thing is that the United States had what it took to qualify this time. None of the current players were involved in the teams that failed to qualify in 2012 and 2015.

What we can say is that, at least on this occasion, the performance of the American squad can be excused for its lack of practice. MLS has not yet started its season (it begins April 3) and the players had not yet had the time to build chemistry.

A Sports Illustrated article explains it better:

“Take a group in preseason form who haven't had a chance to play meaningful games together, take them to the heat and height of Guadalajara for games against opponents in the middle of their own seasons, and hope they cool down quickly enough to have success."


Some have also criticized coach Jason Kreis. He has been criticized for everything from his "losing" mentality to the fact that after being fired from two MLS teams he was inexplicably given the reins of the national team. Keep in mind that Kreis lasted less than a year in these two teams, New York City Fc and Orlando Fc .

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It should also be mentioned that a large part of the American team was in Belfast at the time of qualifying, for the purpose of a friendly match against the Northern Ireland team.

Still, it is inexcusable that a country with the economic and sporting resources like the United States, which has the capabilities to bring Olympic athletes of various disciplines each year, has fallen in this way.

Nor is it understood as their women's team if they can qualify, and even constantly win a medal at the Olympics. Be it the culture, the coaching or the way athletes are prepared, something will have to change for the next World Cup.