Discover the 10 new free games for PS4 and PS5

Sony decided to launch 10 high quality games for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Select them and keep them forever! .

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Subnautica'

We tell you what are the games that Sony offers as a gift for its users. Photo: YT-Subnautica

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With the launch of the PS5, Sony once again showed its enormous power. For example, from the consulting firm NPD Group they point out that the record of distributed units was broken with this console, which shows that everyone was patiently waiting for the arrival of the new generation.

However, regardless of the hardware, Sony has always been characterized by offering a wide variety of video games for consoles, but that is not all: also by offering exclusive promotions and gifts for users. Well, some of this was recently seen with the Play At Home initiative.

The most remarkable thing about all this is that it is not necessary to have a PS Plus subscription to add these 10 games for PS4 and PS5 . At the same time, once you claim them and add them to your library, they will be yours forever and will not go away if you do not renew the subscription, something that did happen with the online version. Let's see, then, what are the games that Sony offers as a gift.

Play At Home free games

As indicated in their official blog, the Play At Home initiative arose in response to the confinement of COVID-19 . That is, at the beginning of the quarantine, Sony decided to give some gifts to its players so that they can stay at home and enjoy video games. Nonetheless, this gift policy continued offering wonderful titles.

In this case, there are 9 indie games (that is, from small or independent production companies) and a triple A title , which are those that are made with a high budget and that achieve a good volume of sales. This is done with the aim that users try the smaller titles, but also have the opportunity to play the larger ones.

Probably, in the first instance, many want to know what is the AAA game that Sony released for free. The chosen one is Horizon: Zero Dawn, released in February 2017 . This title is an action, adventure and open world classic, which was developed by Guerrilla Games and achieved enormous success among the gamer community.

According to Engadget, this video game became so important on the PS4 that it was classified as a "console seller" . In other words, many players decided to buy this machine just to enjoy this adventure, which has an enormous technical quality and also an enviable narrative.

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In this case, we will enter the world of a post-apocalyptic future on Earth, where societies have reorganized themselves in a tribal format. The danger will be the machines, which are the dominant species. Therefore, players will have to solve different mysteries, live adventures and enjoy a world with many details.

Here are the rest of the indie titles that you can enjoy for free on your PS4 or PS5:

  • Abzu. In this case, we have an underwater adventure, where the ocean will be experimental and the colors will be one of the strongest points of the game. Ideal if you want to discover species and mysteries from the deepest part of the ocean!
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission (with PS VR ). Here you can live a virtual experience where you will meet Captain ASTRO who needs your help to rescue a crew of bots.
  • Enter the Gungeon . This shooting game will introduce us to a gang that seeks to reach a treasure in Armazmorra. You will be able to choose a hero and have incredible challenges.
  • Moss (with PS VR) . Another game with virtual reality, where action and adventure are combined with puzzles to solve, in a fascinating world and with captivating animated characters.
  • Paper Beast (with PS VR) . Again, a game with virtual reality that will allow you to explore a world that is inhabited by paper creatures that you will love.
  • Rez Infinite (with PS VR) . Here we also have a shooter adventure that privileges the audiovisual, where you can have a fascinating sensitive experience, among the colors and sounds that will surround you.
  • Subnautica. The marine world is more present than ever, with a title that puts us against the clock, to search for food, equipment and development within the ocean.
  • The Witness. The premise is simple: you don't remember who you are or what to do, but you must explore an island to discover clues and return home.
  • Thumper (with PS VR). Finally, another virtual reality game, where rhythm is combined with speed and strength. We will be a space beetle that will have to fight against enemies!

In short, either because you want to play a title of enormous quality, criticism and production; or enjoy some little-known and experimental games, you can add them to your library and download them for free whenever you want. Remember: once you add them, they will be yours forever. We hope you enjoy them!