The most expensive Mexican soccer players in history

Little by little, Mexican soccer players acquire greater notoriety in Europe and this is reflected in their signings .

Héctor Herrera, Diego Lainez and Hirving Lozano

These are the most expensive Mexican footballers who made it to European teams. Photos: IG-h.herrera16, IG-diego_lainez, IG-hirvinglozano

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Liga MX begins to be the focus of attraction for signings of the great teams in Europe . We have especially seen this trend in recent years, where the most important players or those with the greatest repercussion of the Mexican teams begin to have their first experiences in the main competitions of the old continent.

For example, one of the main stars of this Latin American league is Sebastián Córdova . According to the Transfers website, the 23-year-old soccer player from América de México, who is having great performances under the orbit of DT Santiago Solari, would be one of the main targets of the Spanish clubs Sevilla and Real Betis .

Precisely, the exit towards these European teams implies a millionaire figure for the transfer, especially, taking into account the future that this type of professionals have. Therefore, knowing that Liga MX was the subject of numerous high-value transfers in recent times, we decided to find out the most expensive Mexican soccer players who went to European teams.


When we talk about professional players who made a career abroad in recent years, we cannot fail to mention Javier "Chicharito" Hernández . The forward was one of the first to put Mexico on the big pages of international soccer, something that happened when he made his first transfer, from Chivas de Guadalajara to Manchester United .

This happened in 2010, for a figure of 6 million euros , really high at that time. However, the forward's adventure in Europe would reach the point where, according to the Sport website, for the 2017/2018 season Bayer Leverkusen decided to sell him to West Ham for almost 18 million euros , when he was a player based in Europe.

Hector Herrera

Today, Héctor Herrera goes through his days being an important midfielder for Diego Simeone's Atlético Madrid . He achieved this after settling in Europe after several years, but the truth is that, at first, he had been one of the most important talents on a local scale.

For the 2013/2014 season, this midfielder surprised Liga MX due to his great performances at Pachuca , which attracted the attention of several European clubs. His destination: Porto, where he soon found a place among the first team. The value of his transfer? About 11 million euros , to later be worth exactly double, when he arrived to the Spanish team for free.

Diego Lainez

For the 2018/2019 season, we saw that Diego Lainez was one of the sensation rookies of Liga MX . In this case, he was playing the tournament with América de México, a club in which he showed all his talent as a winger. Even just a month after his debut, the specialized newspaper The Sun included him in the list of the 50 greatest world promises , along with figures of the rank of Kylian Mbappé.

For this reason, his transfer to Europe would not take long in coming. Basically, he ended up joining Real Betis, a team that paid 14 million euros to take over the services of the forward , which included a termination clause of 75 million euros, showing that he is one of the greatest Mexican talents in recent years. .

Hirving lozano

In this case, we are talking about one of the most important stars in Serie A. The Mexican winger dazzled the world at Pachuca, a club in which he was for about 4 seasons. For 2017/2018, he decided to start picking up pace in Europe, after being signed by PSV for around 12.5 million euros .

It only took him a short time to amaze even bigger clubs. For this reason, in the 2019/2020 season, thanks to a superlative performance, it was bought by Napoli, in a sum that amounts to 42 million euros, which made it become the most expensive of the Italian club .

Raul Jimenez

Here we have an exceptional case, because, according to ESPN, he is the most expensive Mexican player in transfers. Formed in America, he began to cause a sensation during his first steps, attracting the attention of great teams. Well, in 2014 Atlético Madrid bought him for $ 12.32 million .

After a year without many opportunities, the striker went to Benfica for $ 25.77 million . There he began to consolidate and that would give him more opportunities in other clubs. In 2018 he went on loan to English Wolverhampton, where he would have great appearances. After being a figure of his club, in 2019 they bought him for 44.52 million dollars, being the largest transfer by a Mexican to date .

As you may have seen, soccer in Mexico is becoming increasingly important for the main leagues in Europe, something that can be seen in the impressive numbers of these signings.