Opinion: what will be the results of the quarterfinals of the Betplay League?

We profile and predict every match in the Betplay League quarterfinals.

Players of Atlético Nacional and players of Club Deportivo La Equidad

These are our forecasts for the next round of the semifinals in the BetPlay League. Photos: IG-nacionaloficial, IG-clubdeportivolaequidad

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After a long regular season, which had some teams fighting for a place in the top eight until the last date, last Monday the quarterfinals of the Betplay Dimayor League were defined.

On this occasion, we want to make a short profile of each encounter, as well as a prediction of them.

Atlético Nacional vs. Equity

Winner: Atlético Nacional

La Equidad had one of the toughest matches in the entire league. Nacional not only leads the standings but is also the team with the highest passing accuracy (83%), goals (37), conversion percentage (25%), and also leads the league in passing (8,475).

On the other hand, La Equidad is the second team that has committed the most fouls in the entire league, (263). It is fifth in goals with 21 and fourth in conversion percentage with 14%.

The meeting that is emerging then is between the team with the best offense in the league against one that is also good in this category but to a lesser extent. The advantage is on this occasion the Nacional.

Independent Santa Fe vs. Junior

Winner: Santa Fe

Santa Fe has one of the best offenses in the League, after Atlético Nacional. He leads the league (tying with the latter) in passing accuracy with a percentage of (83%). He is also second in goals (25), fourth in conversion percentage (14%), the leader in shots (254), and second in passes with (8,203). In addition, they have one of the best goalkeepers in the League with Leandro Castellanos.

On the other hand, Junior also has a strong offense, with good passing accuracy (82%), is fifth in goals (21), seventh in conversion percentage (13%), sixth in shots (221), and third in passes (8,121). ). They also have one of the best goalkeepers in the league in Sebastián Viera.

The difference here comes down to consistency. Junior did not have a good season, partly due to injuries, so much so that he had to depend on the results of third parties to qualify. On the other hand, Santa Fe ranked second comfortably. The advantage would go to the capital team here.


Millonarios vs. America from Cali

Winner: Millionarios

Despite the fact that Millonarios faces the previous League champion, it is true that América de Cali had an abysmal season, barely achieving the classification of eighth place. Although it is true that they did not have key players like Duván Vergara for most of the season, this 2021 has shown many of America's weaknesses, such as the frequent injuries of Adrián Ramos, one of its best players.

Millonarios has a less experienced squad, but that comes with a good winning streak to these playoffs, so we give them the advantage.

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Deportivo Cali vs. Deportes Tolima

Winner: Deportes Tolima

It is quite a difficult match for Deportivo Cali, which faces Deportes Tolima, which has been one of the most consistent teams of the season. Tolima also has an impressive positive record against Deportivo Cali.

According to the soccer network, "of the last 38 games between the two, Cali has won 8, tied 12 and Tolima celebrated 18", so it will be difficult for Cali to overcome this particular stigma.

This is not to mention that Tolima is one of the strongest defensive teams in La Liga. This time, they have the upper hand.