Best gifts for the modern mom

Surprise your mother on this special day with these modern gifts .

Daughter hugging her mother who is holding a gift

We bring you some ideas for you to choose the best gift for mom. Photo: Freepik

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Mother's Day is coming soon and we know that yours is unique and unrepeatable, the most authentic, the most wonderful. We must recognize everything they do for our own sake, and that is why they deserve that this year her day is more special than ever. Although the hug has to be virtual for now, you can surprise her in many ways next Sunday, May 8.

That is why at Latinamericanpost we have made a selection of products of all kinds: for mothers who love decoration, technology lovers and athletes . All available to buy online, to ship and arrive just in time.

Mothers who love decoration

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are a great option, since you can get them made of metal, wood or plastic and they are very durable and perfect for displaying hanging plants. They can be put both indoors and on the terrace or garden.

¿Cómo podemos incluir jardines verticales en la #decoración? ¡Te damos los mejores consejos! ???? https://t.co/ooh6zAfk4e pic.twitter.com/8lAoByl2zQ

— DicoroMuebles (@DicoroMuebles) January 11, 2019

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This authentic Himalayan salt crystal lamp is a 100% handmade and natural product , each lamp has a different shape than another, therefore you will never find 2 alike. Each lamp has its own unique color and weighs 2 to 3 kg. It has incredible power to eliminate dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, among others and absorbs positive ions and expels negative ions, they will help you sleep better, it is even an environmentally friendly light source, according to Amazon.

Ocupo conseguir una lámpara de sal del Himalaya, para mi madre. pic.twitter.com/L7H3tOnPNq

— Fer (@fer__lopez28) August 9, 2018

Scented candles

These are composed of a mixture of organic soy wax and essential oils from natural plants, strawberry, lavender, French vanilla . Their aromas are unique and each one has a burning time of 180-240 hours. The containers can then be used as small jewelry boxes or to store other types of accessories.

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SUPERSUN 12 Velas Perfumadas Aromaticas Regalo para Mujer, Velas Perfumada Vainilla, Velas Decorativas 180-240 Horas para Aroma y Fragancia de Casa, Regalo para Madre, Esposa, Novia

Antes: 31,99€
Ahorras: -16,00€ (50%)

C… pic.twitter.com/LNgouQScH8

— Cholloofertas (@cholloofertas) August 30, 2020

Tech mothers

Sunrise simulation alarm clock

There is nothing better for mom, than this alarm clock with simulation of dawn and sunrise. You can simulate between 10 and 60 minutes of sunrise gradually increasing the light from 10% to 100% and, if you want to achieve the opposite effect, at night it will reduce it between 10 and 120 minutes until it turns off completely, you can even program different alarms to differentiate holidays and has seven natural sounds with 16 levels of volume adjustment.

Wake Up Light, FM Radio Despertador Digital de Luz con Simulador de Amanecer con lámpara LED 6 Sonidos Naturales, 20 Tonos, 20 Brillos, Alarma Dual, 12/24 Hrs, Snooze, Puerto USB #Amazon.

0% reservadas

Precio: 30,99 €
Precio de la oferta 24,79 €
Ah… https://t.co/uN7NHj6h1J

— ChinnaOffer (@ChinnaOffer) January 30, 2020

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are all the rage, and Alexa can ask her to bring you the morning news, your favorite song, order you a pizza, or even tell you a joke . There is no better gift to start home automation. The sound quality of the speaker is very good, so the investment is worth it if only to listen to your favorite music just by saying a word.

????| Alexa es una asistente virtual de Amazon!

— The Kings Updates (@UpdatesHL) July 23, 2020

Screen magnifier

If the support for the mobile phone is not enough and what you are looking for is to get a bigger screen to avoid visual fatigue, nothing better than this magnifying glass for the mobile phone. It magnifies the mobile screen up to twice, does not need a battery and is suitable for any device .


Tensphy Lupa de Pantalla de teléfono Amplificador de teléfono Inteligente con Pantalla 3D de 12"con Zoom de 3 a 4 Veces con diseño de Superficie Curva, Lupa para Todos los teléfonos Inteligentes

Antes: 15,59€
Ahorras: -4,… pic.twitter.com/x574BYdABt

— Cholloofertas (@cholloofertas) August 29, 2020

Key finder

The perfect gift for forgetful mothers. Tile Mate is a versatile finder ideal for attaching to everyday objects like these. It has a Bluetooth location range of 60 meters and a higher volume to make it easier to find our belongings .

Así el buscador de llaves, carteras y mascotas que arrasa en Amazon https://t.co/3UQgk9Pny3 pic.twitter.com/DsZsR3HvO9

— Juank (@JCSura) December 1, 2020

Sports mothers

Activity bracelet

There are many activity wristbands on Amazon and at very competitive prices, but the truth is that the Honor Band 5 is one of the best you can find . It measures the heart rate in real time 24 hours a day, so it is capable of generating reports that measure the quality of sleep, the exercise you do and some tips to change your lifestyle. All with an accuracy greater than 95%.


✅ HONOR Band 5 Pulsera Actividad Inteligente Pulsera de Actividad con Pul...

???? OFERTA: 22.47€ ????

???? https://t.co/MtBC5DNsPM

#reacochollos #amazon #oferta #chollo #descuento pic.twitter.com/apHjEKWUUS

— Reacochollos (@reacochollos) October 2, 2020


This cushion is ideal for use during breathing exercises and meditation, pillars of yoga . The zafu measures 15 centimeters and is adjustable, thanks to its spelled filling that allows it to be adjusted, putting or removing seeds of this variety of wheat from the inside of the cushion, according to Amazon.


#10: Coussin de méditation Zafu bio avec garnissage en balles de sarrasin http://t.co/3ATGZmKDaN #yoga #amazon pic.twitter.com/37IhasFkZp

— Yoga and Fitness (@Clara_yoga) October 18, 2015