The most anticipated releases in the cinema (Part II)

In this second part, we continue to review the next world premieres that will make people talk and that aspire to fill movie theaters.

Still from the film 'Top Gun: Maverick' and the series 'Eternals'

These are some of the productions that are preparing their premiere in the coming days. Photos: YT-Paramount Pictures, YT-Marvel Entertainment

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On this occasion, we bring the second selection of the next releases that await us this 2021 . Strong bets to recover the economic and commercial activity of cinemas after the huge struggles made by the pandemic. Delayed premieres and others that were already agreed, cinematographic hits for both large and small chains. There are options for everyone, lots of tough action, continuation of iconic franchises, musicals, classic horror and psychological torture , and of course the inevitable superheroes. Let's start with the list!

Saw: Spiral (premieres in May)

Returns a cult classic of the survival horror genre combined with torture. We refer to nothing less than the universe of the Game of fear, with a new installment where the malevolent plan of perverse games and extreme torture resurfaces. From what we have deciphered in the previews, there will also be a mixture with the police and mystery genre, with a pair that is quite bad ass to take a large audience to the movies, we are talking about Chris Rock and Samuel. L Jackson , actors who are synonymous with entertainment and success. The film has been directed by an old acquaintance of the house, Darren Lynn Bousman, who had already directed several films in the saga with the endorsement of James Wan, exclusive creator of this macabre franchise with Leigh Whannell.


The Forever Purge (July Premiere)

The fifth and final installment of this world of sadistic and deranged patriots and American citizens. What's it about? When announcing the end of the famous Purge day, in a remote town in Texas, a group of extremist fanatics frighten citizens with the continuation of an illegal purge , in order to become a new national movement.

Antlers (premieres in April)

With Guillermo del Toro as producer, we wait with Antlers terror. The film has a strong dramatic narrative stamp on its story, with character development, social background, psychological factors and much traumatic horror based on myths and storytelling about a monstrous and evil creature that stalks an antisocial child. The incredible final trailer reveals the emotions we have with this horror film that was directed by an acclaimed director such as Scott Cooper.

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Ghostbusters: The Legacy (Releases November)

If you are a nostalgic 80s movie buff, you can be excited to know that this year we will have on the big screen the return of Ghostbusters: The Legacy , a direct continuation of Ghostbusters II. A version that wants to recover the magic of a classic and that wants to renew its audience, with a cast of talented young people from Hollywood, and where the cameo of, for example, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd is expected.

Top Gun: Maverick (Releases July)

The aviation classic Top Gun from remembered director Tony Scott returns in 2021 with its sequel Top Gun: Maverick , directed this time by Joseph Kosinski. The star actor and representative of this remembered film of the 90s, Tom Cruise returns in the role of Pete Mitchell, and, from what he lets us see his official trailer, there will be a lot of aerial action , fight of egos of new aviators and the reappearance of other characters like Iceman played by veteran Val Kilmer and Penny played by Jennifer Connelly.

The King's Man: The Beginning (premieres in August)

A recent franchise, The King's Man, returns with a third installment set before the first two films , placing us on the first mission and delving into the origins of this secret intelligence organization. It is clear that there will be a roller coaster of action scenes with first-rate choreography, mixing the action with hints of comedy.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings (September)

A new superhero from Asian lands, more precisely China, comes in phase 4 of Marvel , with a mixed convoy of martial arts. Simu Liu will play this new hero who is brought in to fight a kind of clandestine organization called the ten rings. In addition, the film will have the participation of the singer and comedian Awkwafina , who has been gaining momentum in different acting roles.

Eternals (premieres in October)

Another release for Marvel's phase 4. Eternals is wrapped in a complete unknown, from what little we have seen, just a mini-glimpse in an extensive trailer of everything new that Marvel brings us. For now, we can collect information on these new superheroes through their official synopsis.

“… Ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, an unexpected tragedy forces them to come out of the shadows to rally against humanity's oldest enemy, the Deviants . "

It goes without saying that it will feature stars such as Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington and comedian actor Kumail Nanjiani.

In the Heights (premieres in June)

A new adaptation of a Broadway musical , a tribute to the Latinos of the New York neighborhood of Washington Heights , to commemorate dreams, union and passion. Just seeing the trailer makes us want to go to the movies to sing and dance. The film presented by music producer and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda will also be available on the HBO Max platform, simultaneously with its theatrical release.

West side story (December)

Another Broadway adaptation that already had its moment of glory in the cinema in the 70s . This new adaptation will be under the direction of the mythical Steven Spielberg , the one indicated to carry the pressure of this reboot based on a musical that marked generations and left its mark on American culture.