The teams that have lost the most UEFA Champions League finals

Some clubs are on the verge of achieving maximum European glory ... but they don't always do it. Let's see who has the most amount of lost Finals ...

Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid players

These are some of the clubs with the worst "luck" in this cup, as they reached many Champions League finals, but lost the final in several. Photo: YT-La Liga

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The UEFA Champions League final is always a source of joy, but also frustrations, and Manchester City and Chelsea will have to choose which one the are going to have .

While being a finalist in a tournament of this magnitude is an achievement in itself, there are several teams that, historically, have fallen short of lifting the trophy on several occasions . Therefore, we decided to do a review and meet the clubs with the worst "luck" in this cup, since they reached many Champions League finals, but lost on several occasions.

Atlético Madrid (3 times)

One of the greatest exponents of recent times. Historically, the colchoneros made a name for themselves as a suffering team, especially for being overshadowed by the achievements of Real Madrid , their greatest rival in Spain.

This happened, especially in recent years, at the hands of Diego Pablo Simeone who revolutionized Atleti and boosted the level of all the players ... although they haven't been crowned in this contest yet. In both the 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 editions they faced their eternal rival and the Blancos won. However, previously, they also had another lost final.

In 1974 , Atleti beat Bayern Munich and was close to the title, but in overtime (minute 114) the Germans tied . At that time there were no penalties and a new game was played two days later. The result? Atleti lost 4 to 0. So far, the rojiblancos have never been able to lift this trophy.

AC Milan (4 times)

AC Milan is one of the most powerful teams in Italy . He has 7 UEFA Champions League trophies and is one of the most awarded club in this competition. The last conquest occurred in the 2006-2007 season, where they managed to have a dream team, with figures such as Pirlo, Gattuso, Nesta or Kaká .

However, the story cannot be told by halves: they have also been one of those who have lost the most in the most important cup in Europe . Perhaps the most remembered was the 2004-2005 season , one of the most important in history.

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Popularly known as the "Miracle of Istanbul", Milan was leading 3-0 to Liverpool at 44 minutes into the first half . The series seemed finished. However, in the second half they went "asleep to the court" and by minute 60 the series was tied. Finally, the English club would take the cup on penalties. Four lost finals out of eleven: a more than favorable balance for a European giant.

Benfica (5 times)

Benfica is another of the teams that have had the most bad luck in recent times. The legend of the "curse" of the Portuguese team in the finals is very popular, which is explained in 1962, when coach Béla Guttman, who had won the 1960-1961 and 1961-1962 European Cup, was fired by the board for asking for a salary improvement.

On the day of his departure, Guttman mentioned that "Benfica will not be European champions again for the next hundred years ." Well, whether it sounds incredible or not, it is something that has been fulfilled, since more than 50 years have passed and the team has not managed to win an international trophy (not even the UEFA Europa League).

The last Champions League Final lost was in the 1989-1990 season, when they were defeated by a legendary AC Milan team. The truth is that, since then, the Portuguese team played a total of 8 European finals : 5 in the Champions League (1963, 1964, 1968, 1988 and the aforementioned in 1990) and 3 in the Europa League (1983, 2013 and 2014). They lost every opportunity.

FC Báyern Munich (5 times)

Bayern Munich is perhaps one of the most powerful teams in European history. They have won 50% of their finals , but the truth is that they are part of the group that has lost the most decisive matches in this competition.

The last time they fell in a final was, paradoxically, in the one played in Munich. There they faced Chelsea FC, who tied the game in the 88th minute with an agonizing goal from Didier Drogba and later they won on penalties.

Anyway, after this event they won two editions: the following year (2012-2013) against Borussia Dortmund and in one of the most recent, in 2019-2020, against PSG. Without a doubt, they knew how to rise from their defeats.

Juventus (7 times)

Finally, here is the team that always achieves great things in Italy, but can hardly ever have the same performance in Europe. With 9 disputed finals and 7 losses , Juventus could only achieve the 1984-1985 Trophy (against Liverpool) and the 1995-1996 (against Ajax).

The last, and most remembered, have been against Borussia Dortmund (1997), Real Madrid (1998), AC Milan (2003), FC Barcelona (2015) and Real Madrid (2017) . They have had great teams on a national scale, but they have always lacked a bit to regain maximum glory.

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