Giants! These are the 5 best soccer teams in Latin America

The following are the 5 best soccer teams in Latin America according to the FIFA / Coca-Cola ranking.

Soccer players during a match

These are the five most powerful soccer teams in Latin America, according to the Fifa / Coca-Cola ranking. Photo: Pixabay

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The International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) revealed this Thursday the most recent update of its ranking of senior men's national teams. According to the FIFA / Coca-Cola ranking,  these are the five most powerful soccer teams in Latin America.

Brazil-Third place worldwide

With 1742.65 points, Brazil leads all Latin American countries in the FIFA ranking. It is not surprising that this country tops the list as it has heavyweights from the world of soccer like Neymar, from PSG; Thiago Silva, from Chelsea; Vinicius Junior, from Real Madrid and Gabigol, from Flamengo.

Brazil has won every game it has had in the Qatar 2022 South American qualifiers and is considered one of the favorites to win that competition.

Argentina- Eighth place worldwide

With 1641.95 points, Argentina has a solid selection. Of course, there are plenty of words to mention Messi's talent, but other names also stand out among those called up. For example, Leandro Paredes and Angel Di María, who were semifinalists in the Champions League this year; Lautaro Martínez from Inter and Sergio Agüero, the Manchester City star who has just signed with Barcelona.

In the South American qualifiers played so far, Argentina won 3 of its 4 matches, tying only with Paraguay.

Uruguay-Ninth place worldwide

With 1639.08, slightly less than Argentina, Uruguay is the third strongest team in Latin America. Among the superstars, here we can highlight Luis Suárez, who was champion with Atlético de Madrid this year. There's also Edinson Cavani, who, despite receiving a two-date suspension for the playoffs, is still an enormous talent.

Speaking of the qualifiers, Uruguay is not doing very well in them. They are in fifth place, with two games won and two games lost, so, for now, they would not qualify Qatar.

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Mexico- Eleventh place worldwide

Mexico has 1629.56 points in the FIFA rankings, ranking just outside the top ten teams in the world. However, Mexico ranks as the best selection in the Concacaf, with great players such as Raúl Jiménez, Chucky Lozano, Tecatito Corona and Carlos Rodríguez. A hidden gem?

Colombia- Fifteenth place worldwide

Finally, with 1600.66 points, we have the Colombian National Team. Among the great players of this selection are James Rodríguez, from Everton; Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, from Juventus and Luis Muriel and Duvan Zapata, Atalanta's scoring duo.

In the South American qualifiers, Colombia has not done very well. They have lost two of their four games, drawn one, and won one. At this moment the coffee country is seventh in this competition, so I would not qualify Qatar. However, the talent is there and it is very possible that they will achieve qualification once qualifying resumes.