The Weeknd's Greatest Hits: The King of the 2021 Billboard Music Awards

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The Canadian's material includes a solid graphic proposition and is produced by Kevin Parker.

The Weekend at the 2021 Billboard ceremony

These are some of the artist's greatest hits. Photo: YT-The Weekend

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The Weeknd released "After Hours" on March 20, 2020. This is the fourth studio album in his career and the first since "Starboy" (2016) and "My Dear Melancholy" (2018). As we already knew since he released the tracklist, it is his first full-length material without guest artists. And it is not that they are necessary if we take into account that in 2019 he launched a couple of collaborations.

In “After Hours” (2020), Abel Tesfaye has the participation of producers such as Ilangelo, Dre Moon, Metro Boomin, and Kevin Parker, from Tame Impala. In “Repeat After Me” (interlude), the Australian adds a slightly psychedelic touch to the material. Next, we will tell you a little of his greatest successes.

"House of Balloons / Glass table girls" (2011)

Two songs in one, and the first one is especially noteworthy, which without neglecting the urban flair, shines for its synth sound and, of course, the Happy house sample from Siouxsie and the Banshees. The second part is a low-spoken, more unhinged sound, but both hit it off perfectly despite their differences.


"Wicked games" (2011)

A man who no longer loves his girl stands in front of a prostitute and, in desperation, promises her gold and morbidness for a night where, beyond sex, he told her that he loved her. A love of payment that, for a few hours, may alleviate his supposed suffering. A somewhat macho concept, but one that, sung by him, captivates.

" The Hills" (2015)

Taking the thick, suffocating, and sexual formula of his first trilogy, but with a slightly more pop twist, Abel tells us an affair that comes hand in hand with a feeling of inherent guilt due to its nature. Although, sometimes the pleasure blinds us and we let ourselves go.

"Secrets" (2016)

This is another of his magnificent danceable exponents, full of sensuality, and where he embeds two luxury samples in an exceptional way: "Pale Shelter" by Tears for Fears and "Talking in your sleep" by The Romantics. Of course, the turn of the screw is total and is one of its most elegant themes.

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"Starboy" (2016)

Among the different Welsh artists he has featured on his albums is Daft Punk. However, it was more organic, in the same key as the duo's last album; with a synthetic production. The theme that gives name to Tesfaye's penultimate album is a compendium between vintage and modernity, which continues to sound fresh and revolutionary to this day in the commercial field.

"Blinding lights" (2020)

Although the production is not French, it could be signed by a producer in the country. An up-tempo track with lyrics that in itself provoke a certain indifference, but that flies through a sophisticated and timeless production, a frenetic and urgent rhythm, and a wonderful melody, with a chorus for eternity that is crowned by a keyboard riff.

"After Hours" (2020)

It is his riskiest single. It lasts more than six minutes and its structure is not so typically pop, but it still captures our attention from the atmospheric beginning until, without warning, it forces us to dance.