Opinion: Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather is the commemoration of stupidity

The fight between the influencer and the boxer shows how low we are willing to go for entertainment.

Poster of the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul

Logan Paul, an influencer with millions of followers and one of the best boxers of today, Floyd Mayweather Jr, who will face in the ring this Sunday, June 6. Photo: IG-floydmayweather

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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It seems that when celebrities run out of ideas to keep their fame, they turn to the world of boxing. Among the celebrities who have stepped into the ring to stay a little longer in the popular imagination are: Tony Harding, Shquille O'Neal, Vanilla Ice and Jose Canseco . Everyone (except Shaq) stepped into the ring in the twilight of their careers.

This time, is Logan Paul's turn, an influencer with millions of followers, and Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of the best boxers (arguably the best) of today, who will face in the ring this Sunday, June 6.

It is difficult to qualify this event as sportive, since sport is a competition of skill (physical or mental). What is at stake here is not a competition, it is a demonstration of the viewers and the money that both Paul and Mayweather can move .

This being the case, the result is irrelevant. If Mayweather wins, it validates what we already knew, that he is an incredibly talented professional boxer who is capable of beating an influencer. If Paul wins, we all may think it was just a marketing show.

We insist, this event is pure entertainment, it is a celebration, not of the talent or skill of an athlete, but the power of money in the hands of a person who has neither of the firsts.

You just have to know Paul's long list of controversies to know that his only ability is to talk, be the villain , make people say "what an idiot to think of doing that?" The most famous of these occurred when Paul visited a forest in Japan, known for the high suicide rate that occurs, and posted a video on Youtube of a corpse that he found with his friends, making fun of the matter.

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Still, the fight between him and Mayweather will generate incredible sums of money . Some unofficial figures have calculated that Paul could receive up to US$ 20 million to get in the ring with Mayweather, something that took years of effort and hard work from several of the boxers Floyd has faced.

That's the world we live in, and Paul is going to raise an unheard sum of money this Sunday for doing the tremendous stupidity of taking on a professional boxer and just being a clown.

The fight will not have points, no judges, or a decisive winner, so it will simply be a sample of the machismo (and insecurity) of both . Mayweather has nothing to prove, he has an undefeated 50-0 record and enough money to retire for the rest of his life. Paul, for his part, only steps into the ring to prove that a bully with enough money and influence can capture the attention of anyone, I highly doubt that he cares about the outcome of the fight itself.

If you are in the least interested in the spirit of sport, we recommend that you avoid watching this event . We don't create a precedent for supporting the dreams of idiots with money.