6 best online games that can make kids fall in love with mathematics

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For me, the challenge lies in making the learning experience as fun as possible. I’m sure there are many parents in the same boat as me. It’s not uncommon for kids to have trouble with the subject.

Audrey Throne

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I have two daughters that are total opposites. One loves math, while the other won’t be found in the same room as a math workbook. 

For me, the challenge lies in making the learning experience as fun as possible. I’m sure there are many parents in the same boat as me. It’s not uncommon for kids to have trouble with the subject.

Math is built on the gradual progression of core concepts. So it’s imperative to help your child create a positive attitude towards the subject. Sure 1+1=2 is easy. But encouraging your child to believe that maths is always a fun subject will allow your kids to tackle math problems head-on.

But there’s an easy solution to your dilemma.

Kids LOVE mobile games

Learning is now more than just a textbook. Teachers and parents are finding it easier to keep students engaged in educational games. Literally, how many kids do you know that will say no to a game?

And for once, with COVID-19 on your side. Surprised to hear that? With remote learning being the expected medium of education today, it helps kids use technology to supplement learning more than before. In fact, there is a greater focus on incorporating alternate ways of teaching into the current curriculum. 

All those children who hate maths or find it too hard, here is a list of online games that will make maths more than boring numbers and equations.

1. Tell Time to Quarter Hours

Often children have a hard time understanding how to tell time. But now, with this interactive game, young children can learn the fun way. 

By setting the time on an analog clock, reading time, and telling the same time in different ways, your kids will be more than happy to tell you the time! 

Tell Time to Quarter Hours is one of the many entertaining math games on the online platform, Spashlearn.com. 

Games are designed to help students of grades KG-5 with math concepts. With over 20 topics to choose from, you can help build a strong base by covering all topics. 

Problems are spoken out loud in a childish voice so that children feel that they are interacting with their peers. Moreover, this helps them solve problems even if they have difficulty reading. It’s an ideal game that children can engage in without adult supervision. So while you finish prepping for lunch, your child can tell you exactly when it’s time to eat. ;)

2. Algebraic Reasoning 

If your kid is a candy lover, this game is perfect. The objective of the game is to find the value of each candy by solving simple visual equations. It helps build essential mental math skills required for algebra.

Once inside the shop, students can select one of four levels and continue to play until they’re had a fair share of sweets. The good news, you won’t have to worry about their teeth either! But besides that, this game can be easily shared on Google classroom to help bring teachers and students onto the same page.

3. Skidos

Let’s go on an adventure! 

Skidos helps promote deeper mathematical learning through fun and games. But it’s slightly different from all your other games. Aimed at young learners for grades 1-5, Skidos allows children to develop and master mathematical and coding skills. 

Moreover, it turns ordinary classroom lessons into interactive challenges. And because it allows up to 6 users to use the existing account, this is a perfect family game. Different children can play different levels depending upon their grade, helping them learn and progress at their own pace. 

4. Quick Math

How quickly can you complete the equations with arithmetic symbols?

Quick Math is one of the many fun mental math learning activities you’ll find on Unlimited Gamez Mo. It allows young learners to apply their math concepts from a different angle. 

Children are presented with a series of numbers. They must select the right arithmetic symbol that solves the sum accurately. So now your kid can sharpen addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills all in one game. 

5. Addition Demolition

Put your hard hats on, kids! It’s time to sharpen your addition skills. Roly, the wrecking ball, and Floyd, the crane operator, need your help! 

This entertaining game encourages your first grader to boost their mental math skills in double-digit addition. By figuring out which brick needs to be demolished, they can take down that old building in no time at all.

And since double-digit addition- and building demolition- takes lots of practice, you have the perfect game to keep them going at it till they gain enough confidence.

6. Illuminations

From simple topics such as recognizing shapes and coins to advanced ones such as congruence theorems and data graphing, you can find everything math under one roof.

Illuminations is the answer to all your child’s math queries, from the time they enter kindergarten to the moment they graduate from high school.

This online platform is a level above the rest. The emphasis is more on learning than on gaming. So as your child progresses from one grade to the next, the website gradually introduces skills that will be required later on. 

There’s a wealth of online material here. You can search the site for topics depending upon your child's category in K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. 

And the best part, there are no ads, so your child won’t get distracted.

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Final thoughts

Children often struggle with maths. If your child is one of them, you need to step back and reassess the situation. Does your child have difficulty understanding the core concepts, or does he simply need more practice to master the new skill? Once you know what the problem is, you can select a strategy to combat the situation.

Reinforcing workbook assignments with skill-building math games can set your child on the road to math efficiency. It’s all about bringing your child into the comfort zone. And with the games mentioned above, I’m sure your child will be more than happy to ‘play’ with maths!