The Reason Behind Sha'Carri Richardson's Orange Hair at the Olympic Trials

Sha’Carri Richardson had a new look at the Olympic Trials. She had bright orange hair while winning in 10.86, 0.13 seconds faster than the second-place finisher, earning a place on her first Olympic team.

The Woman Post | Catalina Mejía

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This victory makes her the current fastest woman in the United States of America. Minutes after she won her spot as part of the U.S. Track and Field Contingent for Tokyo, she ran to salute various family members. Afterward, she was interviewed by NBC about the emotions of the moment. It was then when Richardson mentioned she had been through some challenging weeks, as she had recently lost her biological mother. However, she also expressed her feelings towards her mother were “very sensitive and confusing,” but she respects her and thank her for giving her life.

She also mentioned how difficult it was to be there and keep training on a daily basis, to be present at the Olympic Trials, and said she was extremely grateful for her family that kept her going every day. She made reference to her grandmother, Betty Harp, expressing her admiration towards her  “my grandmother is my heart, my grandmother is my superwoman.”  Richardson was raised by her grandmother and aunt. 


Richardson is known for changing her hair color, according to her mood and her objectives. When wearing orange at the Olympic Trials, she mentioned that her girlfriend had advised her on picking up the color for the races, since  “she felt like orange was loud and encouraging, and honestly, dangerous." She said that the orange tone spoke to her since it was loud and vibrant. Sha’Carri told The Washington Post “That’s who I am." She also mentioned that her girlfriend just wanted her to make a statement. "Let’s continue to show the world I’m a force to be reckoned with.”

Several fans of the sport wouldn’t find it hard to figure that Richardson is inspired by Florence Griffith Joyner, who was also known for her desire to make a statement by her vibrant style. Sha'Carri wrote an Instagram post where Flo-Jo appeared, writing  “Y’all love talking about my hair and my nails like the greatest woman to ever enter the game didn’t run in style.” 

Her fans may also find a resemblance in her path with the career of Flo-Jo, which was known as the fastest woman of all time. Sha'Carri Richardson is currently positioned as the sixth-fastest woman of all time.