Why should you switch to organic makeup?

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The trend is walking towards cosmetology with organic or natural ingredients.

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Ecological makeup and natural ingredients are the marked trend that women are implementing in 2021. Photo: Unsplash

LatinAmerican Post | Nereida Vega

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The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has caused serious havoc in all industries and the cosmetic industry has not fared much differently from the others. Ecological makeup and natural ingredients are becoming the trend that the woman of 2021 is implementing .

According to, a study carried out by Safe + Quality for Cosmetics, called "Analysis of competitiveness of the cosmetics sector and natural ingredients", executed an international cooperation program called Quality Program for the Cosmetics Sector, with the purpose of analyzing the Colombian production and the exports. In addition, it reveals that in the Andean country a short, medium and long-term strategy will be established to boost the prestige of the cosmetic market, generating a 2020-2032 vision perspective, with natural ingredients and packaging in the cosmetology sector.

By 2032, Colombia is in search of a great challenge, experimenting in 6 different sectors , such as: makeup, hair products, products to protect the skin, cleaning products, perfumes and products for oral hygiene, focusing on the offer and beneficial and industrial demand that Colombia has.

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On the other hand, the behavior that people reflect towards natural ingredients is in constan develop due to the fact that demand increased considerably at a rate of 13.2% , as well as internationally it grew from 0.06% to 0.09% . Of the natural ingredients that obtained greater importance, were juices and extracts with 15.8%, followed by natural ingredients with 13.2%, oils and fat with 11.9%, essential oils with 10.6 % and, finally, colorants of vegetable origin with 9.7%.

The environmental impact generated by the cosmetic industry

The cosmetic industry leaves a negative footprint on the environment, due to various laboratory tests with animals. Usually, animals are taken without mercy to experience the safety of different products, causing severe damage to them, such as : skin irritation, mutations or genetic damage .

Ecological cosmetic brands

Acorelle Cosmetics

Acorelle is a French cosmetic based on purely organic products. Expert professionals analyze and create products of plant origin, using a series of sustainable processes without chemical additives. The products are 75% biodegradable from natural raw materials.

Urban Decay

The brand is creating an innovative trend with its quality products and shows a constant expansion in consumers. In addition, it continues with the improvement of its formulas, in the intensity of its colors, the duration and its packaging. The creator implemented an aggressive strategy to position her products, achieving success.


EcoTools - Clean Beauty, Clean Planet

The brand provides products that have 100% recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo , being responsible with the environment. In addition, they are affordable and quality products with the best manufacturing processes that do not harm the ecosystem. The products are certified and cruelty free.