These Books May Be the Next "Game of Thrones"

These are some of the science fiction and fantasy novels that have the potential to become a hit as a series.

Glen Cook's 'Black Company' book covers

Currently, many producers and fans want to know books that offer a similar experience and that could be transferable to TV or the streaming platform in series format. Photos: Amazon.com

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It is clear that "Game of Thrones" marked a before and after in universal literature, but also in television series. The HBO series, which was recently confirmed to have a spin-off titled "House of the Dragon," became one of the most-watched content on television.

With a millionaire budget, it was shown that the universe from fantasy literature to television fiction can easily be transported. This series of novels by George RR Martin has yet to be concluded, despite the series' eighth and final season ending in 2019.

Currently, many producers and fans want to know books that offer a similar experience and that could be adapted to TV or streaming platforms in series format, since the genre enjoys enormous popularity. Let's look at the most iconic science fiction books that could have successful adaptations on the small screen.

"Risks of Time Travel" - Joyce Carol Oates

A book that has some similarities to "The Handmaid's Tale", the successful novel that had a fantastic adaptation to the serial format by HBO. Therefore, it will be perfect for all those people who are fans of dystopia and who, as its name indicates, are interested in the paradoxes of time travel.

The plot stars Adriane Strohl, an American woman who, as in the novel created by Margaret Atwood, lives in a United States that succumbed to totalitarianism. After graduating, she is charged with Treason and sent to Wainscotia, a city that only existed in the 1950s.

With a narrative loaded with violence, it is a short novel that has dystopia as its central element. The protagonist will meet characters who are in the same situation: young people "from the future" who have to adapt to a new world, but which, paradoxically, is old. It could be an excellent series that appeals to audiences of all ages.

"The Black Company" - Glen Cook

Nine books that will catch anyone who loves "A Song of Ice and Fire", a series of books popularly known for its television adaptation as "Game of Thrones". Here the story of the Black Company is told, a group of mercenaries that will be portrayed over several decades.

This epic fantasy makes us empathize with characters who are in a real war, since all mercenaries are seen as real soldiers. Throughout the different volumes that make up the saga, you can learn stories full of mystery and intrigue.

Thanks to a first-person narrative, we can know all the conflicts in the squad, but it also delves into several of the characters in the band, including the magicians. This novel could give an interesting twist to fantastic stories, as it gives it a warlike tone that, so far, is not present in many series. It would be a great adaptation!

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"Malaz: The Book of the Fallen" - Steven Erikson

Perhaps one of the best fantasy sagas of recent times, which explains its huge number of fans. This saga of about ten extensive books of the main arc and another twelve novels that function as prequels or sequels introduce us to a multitude of characters within several continents.

That is, its author created a universe vast enough to have a multitude of interesting plots. One of the keys to this series of novels is its unpredictability: all the books have unexpected script twists, spanning different periods of history over hundreds of years. For example, the rise and fall of great civilizations or the death of many iconic characters.

The basic concept introduces us to the Malazian Empire, which is part of a fantastic world inhabited by incredible people and beings. Undoubtedly, another candidate to become the future Game of Thrones, for having a very similar universe, but also for the number of stories that could be told.

"Warcraft: The Last Guardian" - Jeff Grubb

The Warcraft saga is popular for the video game saga (one of the most successful in history), both the strategy games (the Warcraft saga) and the MMORPG-role-playing game with open online worlds-, known as World of Warcraft. However, the novels are also extremely popular and allow you to delve into the main stories.

This book had its adaptation in the Warcraft movie, where the bases arise on the conflicts between the Alliance and the Horde, covering the events of the First War, in a world full of races, fantastic creatures, magic, dangers, and political conflicts / warlike that will fascinate you.

Best of all, as the novels (covering the World of Warcraft expansions) progress, the plot becomes more and more interesting. It could be a great adaptation that generates a universe with great productions and war conflicts, which would divide viewers by having to choose a side. Blood, wars and emotions are guaranteed, just like Game of Thrones.

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