The Most Anticipated Releases on Streaming Platforms for the Month of August

During the month of August, streaming platforms do not disappoint and bring unmissable premieres.

Still from the series 'The Director' and 'Nine Perfect Strangers'

The month of August is loaded with new, diverse and attractive films, series and documentaries offered by the different digital platforms. Photos: YT-Netflix, YT-Amazon Prime Video

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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the film productions of the different digital platforms have had to reinvent themselves, postpone premieres and schedule new schedules during 2020 and for much of 2021. However, the month of August is loaded with new, diverse, and attractive movies, series, and documentaries offered by digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and HBO that you are sure to love.

"The director" (Netflix, premieres August 20)

South Korean Ji Yoon-Kim must face quite exceptional situations in her daily life, ranging from having to deal with being the first director to chair the English department of the prestigious Pembroke University, to having to overcome various barriers that will make it more difficult for her to exercise your new position. This comedy-drama stars Sandra Oh and Jay Duplass and is directed by Amanda Peet and Annie Julia Wyman.

"Forever and ever" (Netflix, premieres August 13)

Developed in France, the young adult, Guillaume Lucchesi, has to go through what he thought he had overcome in the past when the death of his first love and the disappearance of his brother made him mourn, and now in the present he faces a problem similar with the disappearance of his wife. Guillaume will look for her everywhere, he will have to distrust those he loves the most and face the truths that will be presented to him. Directed by Juan Carlos Medina.

"The Witcher, the wolf's nightmare" (Netflix, premieres August 23)

Due to the new threats that affect his continent, Vasemir, young, proud, and shameless will venture in a constant fight to catch monsters receiving money as a reward. In the course of this journey, this monster hunter will fight against all his demons in order to fulfill his goal, and for this, he must return to his complicated past. Anime directed by Kwang II hang.

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"Black Widow" (Disney +, premieres August 25)

Based on the Marvel superhero, Black Widow. Before being an avenger, Natasha Romanoff had a past where she had to decide between what others expected of her and what she really wanted to have; having to be a spy with all the difficulties that this entails and with all the scars that can be left by tackling this difficult mission, which does not seem to be destined for many. Directed by Cate Shortland.

"Dinosaurs" (Disney +, premieres August 18)

A family of dinosaurs that live as human beings and are made up of six members must live as a family, with their environment, and adapt to the American life of the 90s. Together, they will face various daily tragicomic situations that will make them question their lives and how to avoid falling into everyday life in the most particular and strange ways possible. Directed by Michael Jacobs and Bob Young.

"I'm Greta" (Hulu, premieres August 6)

The young Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, has become known worldwide in recent years due to her critical view of what the political class and adults have not done to generate policies that directly help the environment, talking about global warming and the climate crisis. Greta plans to raise her voice and attract millions of young people to mobilize as a global movement and raise awareness about the consequences that this great problem could have in the future. Documentary directed by Nathan Grossman.

"Cruel Summer" (Amazon, premieres August 6)

Jeanette is a teenager who lives in a town that is located in Texas, United States, and her life seems to be like that of any other girl of that age. However, an unexpected event that occurred at her school causes her to go from being someone anonymous to the most popular person in the establishment, and also the one who is in everyone's eyes, due to her sudden change after the event in question. Directed by Bert Royal.

"Nine Perfect Strangers" (Amazon, premiering August 20)

Nine Australian inhabitants decide to go into a ten-day retreat specialized in health and wellness therapies that promise to heal physically and psychologically all those who are going through difficult times in their lives. However, people do not know how much they will live in that enclosure and the consequences that have gotten into what seems to be a dead end. Directed by Jonathan Levine

" Stargirl," Season 2 (HBO, premieres August 11)

Stargirl is a young college girl who seems to have a fairly ordinary life, but who hides the fact that she is a heroine that is a source of inspiration for many other superheroes. Thus, and after defeating the Injustice Society of America at first, Stargirl will be in a dilemma and must decide if she wants to recover her normal life or continue to be part of the Justice Society of America to defeat the villains that are presented to him along the way and that make his future even more complex. Directed by Geoff Johns.

"Rick and Morty", new episodes (HBO, premiere in August)

Rick Sánchez is a very particular scientist who decides to move into the house of his daughter, Beth, who lives with her husband and their two children, Morty and Summer. Precisely, Rick's grandchildren will accompany him in the different adventures that will happen to him in his day-to-day life, and were with his histrionics, little sense, and daring he will travel through parallel universes and the cosmos. Likewise, Rick seeks that his grandchildren do not end up being like their father, who is considered by him as an inoperative person and who is not capable of solving the problems that arise. This series that currently has five seasons is directed by Pete Michels.