How to Play Sports With Your Dog?

Here we give you tips for walking, cycling, and playing soccer with your dog .

Man jogging with his dog

We bring you some tips to exercise with your pet. Photo: Pexels

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How to play sports with your dog?

Playing sports with your dog is essential for his health. In recent years, canine obesity has increased, with 50% of dogs in the United States suffering from this affliction, according to WebMd. That is why in LatinAmerican Post we bring you some tips to exercise with your pet.


Yes, walking your dog is often all the exercise they need. However, there are some recommendations to keep in mind for an optimal walk. Dogs are very vulnerable to heat, so you should try to walk with them when it is not too hot. Hot asphalt could hurt your feet.

On the other hand, Popular Science magazine also recommends that you should be aware of your dog's activity, or hyperactivity when you take him out on walks. A large number of stimuli (people, cars, motorcycles, other dogs) can upset your pet and make walking difficult. For this reason, it is key to take your dog out only when you are sure he can handle the number of external stimuli.


Another popular activity to do with your dog is a bike ride. The recommendation here is to gradually adapt to your pet's normal walk. You don't want to get on the bike all at once without preparation. Instead, you should get your pet used step by step.

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First, you should tie him to the bike until he feels comfortable tied to the vehicle. Afterward, you should walk with him, pushing the bike so that he gets used to walking next to the vehicle. Try turning and changing direction to see how it reacts. Once you feel that the two of you are coordinating, you can start pedaling, first slowly and then at a moderate speed. It is recommended that you do not accelerate too much, as a drastic change in speed could hurt both of you.

Again, it is better to be careful with the distance. Dogs do not have unlimited energy. A couple of miles is enough, according to Pet MD.

You also have to remember that distractions are especially dangerous for you and your pet on a bicycle. There is no pedaling through a busy area.


Dogs are naturally curious and love balls. A very popular sport that you can play together is soccer. You can kick the ball and try to get them to return it with their nose or paws. Of course, try to find a specialized ball for dogs so that they do not break it easily.

Signs that you are exercising too much

It is important to note that although dogs have a lot of energy, they are not inexhaustible exercise machines. You should be aware of the following signs to know when to stop:

  • Your dog is breathing fast
  • Your dog is panting excessively
  • Your dog staggers
  • Your dog refuses to follow you

It is important to remember these symptoms and keep your pet hydrated when exercising.

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