Infographic: This is How Colombia Did at the Tokyo Olympics

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Colombia finished the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with few, but significant, achievements.

Luis Mosquera, Mariana Pajón, Carlos Ramírez, Anthony Zambrano and Sandra Arenas

These were the Colombians who stood out in this edition of the Olympic Games. Photo: LatinAmerican Post

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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Colombia finished the Olympics with few, but significant, achievements. The coffee country did not see a gold medal and its representatives with more possibilities fell short with few exceptions.

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Of course, what was evidenced in these Olympic Games was the passing of the torch to a new generation. If the names of always disappointed, it is because they already gave everything they had to give in previous editions. It is time for a new group of Colombians to rise up to represent the country at this event. We cannot be hung up on Catherine Ibarguen and Mariana Pajón forever.

As that day rolls around, let's see how Colombians fared at these 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Infographic Colombia in Tokio 2020

With these results we can draw an important conclusion: although these were mediocre Olympians, there is a lot of talent who has a real chance of winning a medal for 2024.

The number of sports in which Colombians are showing talent is on the rise and we can't wait to see how they will surprise us in an upcoming edition.

Of course, we hope that the delegation of the next edition increases and does not decrease as happened between the government of Juan Manuel Santos and that of Iván Duque.