How To Reduce Video Game Addiction In Children

COVID-19 Caused A Severe Feeling Of Loneliness In Children Increasing Their Susceptibility To Videogame Addiction.

Children playing with a tablet

Today, the multiple possibilities offered by the use of technology have completely transformed society. Photo: Pexels

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Today, the multiple possibilities offered by the use of technology have completely transformed society. Now, this circumstance leads directly to serious social concerns. These technologies psychologically influence the development of children and adolescents.

In this sense, their moderate and adequate implementation brings positive effects. But abuse generates problems in cognitive development, and above all, identity.

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A study recently published in the International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology (INFAD) by María Villa Carpio, reveals the daily habits of young people when using the internet during the pandemic. 671 people participated in the research, of which 86.6% are women and 13.2% men.

The data collected showed that access to Wi-Fi and mobile phones is distracting. These distractions reduce the study period and the time children spend with friends and family. 

Child populations versus cyber gambling disease

Any addictive action in infants and young people generates a consequence, and these are usually psychosocial problems and harmful practices. These behaviors were originated from the health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an article published in the Journal of Medical Humanities by Marla Hernández, children and adolescents are the most likely to develop addictions, because they are a social group with a highly vulnerable personality.

On the other hand, cyber addiction is seen as a mental health disorder because it implies signs of withdrawal. In this addiction, these symptoms occur without having to ingest, inhale or inject substances. Experts establish 3 phases to get to addiction.

  1. Golden phase: it is the period in which the player is aware of what he is winning and what he is losing.
  2. Despair Phase: It is the stage in which the player has lost everything.
  3. Acceptance phase: it is the cycle where the player is aware of his illness.

Key recommendations to prevent children's addiction to video games

In recent years, the attraction of young people to video games has become more intense. This is due to confinement and free time at home. That is why the psychologist Mara Amor López offers some tips to prevent this addiction.

  • There are a variety of activities that children can develop, even in the company of their parents.
  • The expert expresses that control must be maintained regarding the time limit.
  • Enjoy some time with your children, with outdoor activities.
  • Promote independent occupations in a family environment, such as board games, drawing, and painting, hobbies, among others.
  • Encourage them to read. Strengthen their knowledge with stories that end with morals.
  • Reduce the use of videos, games, phones, computers, tablets, among others.
  • Worry, but at the same time take care of modifying habits with strategies.
  • Consult a professional about it.

In short, the actions that our young people take today will be appreciated tomorrow. These will result in strong-minded and strong-hearted professional human beings.