The Inner Fear of Women Who Have Broken Their Marriage

The processes of disunity loathe feelings of mistrust, suspicion, and doubt. In some cases, those emotions become severe if professional help is not sought.

The Woman Post | María Carolina Rivero

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Divorce is a social and family phenomenon that generates the breakdown of a home. However, at The Woman Post, we give you some suggestions on how to get through that terrible stage in the lives of valuable women.

An article published in the Journal of the Center for Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies by Luz Eguiluz, reveals that 57.66% of couples separate in the first decade. While the level of divorces drops during the second period to 39.12%. The data collected indicate that the first years of marriage are the most complicated. In the study, 36 women were interviewed in a span of 45 to 60 minutes and 38.49% of their relationship lasted from 1 to 5 years while 19.17% of their union was between 6 and 9 years.

On the other hand, the results show the internal fears that women express when starting the divorce process. Some of the uncertainties that the interviewees showed were 62% worried about their children, 43% were worried about the economic situation and 36% were alarmed by loneliness. In addition, 20% are annoyed by what they will say about their family and friends, 12% are impatient with the reprisals that their ex may take and 6% are afraid of religion.

The dialogue between the researchers and the women showed that 20% received psychological abuse, such as shouting, threats, insults. In addition, 26% physical offenses, including punches, pushes, and pulls. However, the impact of divorces is detrimental to both the female and male genders.

Marriage Versus Divorce: The Rise of the Social Phenomenon

The official website of the Superintendency of Notaries & Registration reveals that in 2017 around 23,065 divorces were registered in Colombia, for 2018 it increased by 4.12%, that is, 24,057 processes. In 2019 there was also an increase of 0.99% or 24,277 separations. Finally, for the period of 2020, the phenomenon decreased by 31.81%, 16,554 cases. In the first months of 2021, there are 5,949 disunions; this could be given to the health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.


How To Control Post-Divorce Fears?

Psychologist Alejandra García Pueyo recommends some tips to control fears after facing a separation.

-Accept emotions (anxiety, grief, intense fear, separation): Give yourself a space while you overcome the pain. Healing may take a while. However, think about activities to improve your mood.

-Avoid looking for other love relationships: On the contrary, try to offer yourself some time to recover from these emotions starting with the psychological conflicts you have lived through.

-Consider support and medical care groups: Try to connect with others who have a similar experience. Some individuals are willing to talk, listen, and offer advice.

-Participate in optimistic clubs or support networks: Keep your senses open to new companions who encourage you to be happier.

-Your feelings will address irritability, attention difficulty, and obsessive thoughts: You can even witness nighttime nightmares. These are side effects of divorces; channel all these emotions start to a new routine of life.

-Be optimistic about yourself: Find out the activities you like to put into practice. In addition, experience new habits that generate confidence and good self-esteem. Find skills within you that you didn't know, but that cause you happiness.

-Keep in mind that children and adolescents who are directly related to marriage are also affected: Consider involving them in your healing process.