South American qualifiers: these 5 teams lead at the end of the date

These five South American teams finished the September qualifiers in an excellent position.

Leo Messi, Neymar and Miguel Borja

This is how the Latin American teams are doing in these qualifying rounds on their way to Qatar 2022. Photo: LatinAmerican Post

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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Another qualifying date for the World Cup in Qatar is over and the truth is that the panorama did not change much. The two big ones, Brazil and Argentina, continue in the top positions. In the same way, the two worst teams in the region, Bolivia and Venezuela, have remained in that position. Let's see how the rankings go.

South American qualifiers

Although there are still five knockout dates left, we can already get an idea of the teams that have a place “guaranteed to Qatar”. With the talent and dominance of Brazil and Argentina, the fight is for the third, fourth, and fifth places. With the time that remains to make adjustments and strategies and the level of competitiveness shown by the "intermediate" teams, we could well be seeing some quotas that are defined in the last dates. Of course, football fans will be waiting to see the result of Brazil Argentina.

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