The 3 Most Feared Stadiums in the World

These are the stadiums in the world in which all soccer players are afraid to compete due to their difficult characteristics.

Daniel Alcides Carrion Stadium

There are several stadiums that are challenging for footballers, either because of the height, the noise or the environment. Photo: Wikimedia-Kpachascondor

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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There are many factors in soccer that are out of the players' control. One of them, which can significantly influence the outcome of a match, is the stadium in which it is played. There are several stadiums that are challenging for players, either because of the height, the noise or the environment.

Here we want to show you 3 that would make any rookie tremble.

Daniel Alcides Carrión Stadium

This building is located in the Peruvian city of Cerro del Pasco at 4378 meters above sea level. This makes it the stadium with the highest altitude in the world. At this high, oxygen begins to run low, resulting in enormous fatigue for any professional player.

For this reason, this stadium does not host many international events, being used as the venue only for Peru Cup matches.

Here it is also worth mentioning the stadium of La Paz, Bolivia, the Hernando Siles. Located at 3,637 meters above sea level, several international competitions are played here, with frequently disappointing results for visitors.

“You can't play a lot ... Within what height allows you, the result is relatively good, but it's terrible to play here. It's hard. When you make an effort or run a bit, it is difficult to recover. " Messi said in 2013, after having played against the Bolivian national team.

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Türk Telekom Arena

The home of Galatasaray is the loudest stadium in the world. Or at least that's what the Guinness World Records says, which documented that the loudest game in the world was recorded in this venue (131.76 decibels). For reference, the sound an airplane produces when taking off is 120 decibels. The noise level that was recorded at this stage is enough to generate physical pain.

Galatasaray fans are also famous for throwing all kinds of things at players, especially flares.

Monumental Stadium Antonio Vespucio Liberti

In this case, the fear that this stadium instills is not due to the place as such, but to the River Plate fans. This is one of the most violent hoolings in the world, which looks more like a gang than a group of fans. Its members have a history of using weapons, drugs and alcohol and within the same group there are internal fights between various factions for power. It is similar to a criminal organization.

Even the founder of the "barra", Rubén Coppola, once stated in an interview with Infobae that he was imprisoned more than 30 times.

The history of the barra brava is full of violent confrontations, some of them ending in murders.