"Matrix" Trilogy: All Films Analyzed From Best to Worst

The launch of the fourth installment of the successful sci-fi franchise takes us back to a saga that has become iconic in popular culture .

Frame from the movie 'Matrix Reloaded'

The very concept was revolutionary, as it made us doubt our own existence, by planting a science fiction story where everything could be a simulation of reality. Photo: YT-MovieTrailers

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To speak of "Matrix" is to refer to one of the most important phenomena in popular culture in recent times. When "The Matrix" was released in March 1999, it became an instant hit. This explains its impressive box office, which was $ 465.3 million.

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The concept itself was revolutionary, as it made us doubt our own existence, by planting a science fiction story where everything could be a simulation of reality. That, added to iconic cinematic moments (such as the mythical scene of Neo dodging bullets or the choice of pills), they became some of the most important references in the world of cinema.

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For this reason, the recent release of the teaser and trailer for "Matrix: Resurrections", the fourth installment in the series (which is released more than 20 years after the first) generated many expectations among fans. While waiting for this film, which will be released in December 2021, we decided to review the entire trilogy to analyze it from the worst to the best.

"Matrix Revolutions" (2003)

"Matrix Revolutions" is the last installment of the trilogy. He had a difficult task: to give dignified closure to the story, trying to tie up all the loose ends that the story had left. In this sense, this film tells us that The Chosen One also has powers outside the Matrix, something that opens new unknowns.

Here the action scenes are still important, so all the fights are very well shot. The soundtrack also influences many moments, with an instrumental style that generates a lot of uncertainty in the most important moments. For example, with the final fight, between Neo and his Nemesis.

The film accomplishes its mission by successfully closing the cycle, with epic moments that all fans have been waiting for a long time. Perhaps some answers were needed to certain questions in the saga, although we are sure that this will be answered in the unthinkable fourth installment.

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"Matrix Reloaded" (2003)

Released the same year as the last installment, the truth is that it was planned as an immediate sequel to the original film, but also as a prelude to the denouement. This continuation maintains those action scenes with a great rhythm, especially all those related to the protagonist.

What stands out here is the deepening of the philosophical charge. In the first part we were shown a world full of possibilities, but here the dialogues, much more ambiguous, gave space to an infinity of theories. Therefore, it is a movie that must be watched multiple times to understand all the hints and suggestions.

The characters are still memorable. For example, the mythical Morpheus has motivational speeches that mark history. Trinity, on the other hand, is one of the most prominent in the field of fighting. Even the bad guys have a personality as mean as it is charming, as is the case with The Architect or Smith.

The management is impeccable. If the Matrix had been a revolution in terms of special effects and camera use, everything here points towards obtaining much more spectacular scenes. In short, this sequel maintains the foundations of the original film correctly, although it also seeks to take the step towards the outcome of the third production.

"The Matrix" (1999)

The movie that started it all. One of the best science fiction installments of all history and the seed that sowed a universe of possibilities for popular culture. It is clear that "The Matrix" achieved a unique plot and makes us question our own existence.

With a disruptive tone, but with a marked aesthetic, this creation by the Wachowski sisters posed an almost philosophical film. Do we live in reality? What is reality? Why could everything be a simulation? From this point on, the viewer is fascinated by the complexity of the stories.

However, this is not all. The Matrix has camera work and pacing rarely accomplished in movie history. There are pinpoint angles and planes that revolutionized the way people shoot. Even the less educated in cinema know that some scenes are so well done that this generated hundreds of films to be inspired by some moments of the film.

The first installment created an incredible universe with its own rules. The first is the one that allowed to generate a new style within the science fiction genre and, therefore, has been so influential within the industry. Undoubtedly, one of the essentials that you must see at least once in your life.

With the future release of "Matrix 4", it is likely that many doubts that remained planted will be answered. Without a doubt, it will be one of the most anticipated deliveries of the decade.