These Are The Faces Behind MLM Companies and Their Income

Multilevel companies, also known as network marketing, have managed to establish themselves in the market thanks to their business model made up of a network of distributors who work independently.

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We tell you who are behind the main direct sales companies in the world and the net income that multinationals have obtained this 2021. Photo: Pexels

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Let's see who is behind the main direct selling companies in the world and the net income that multinationals have obtained this 2021 according to the digital news outlet Direct Selling New:


The heirs of this world-leading American company are Dick DeVos and his brother Doug DeVos. Amway has topped the box for eight years in a row, taking its business strategy to more than 100 countries, achieving top sales year after year with its home and nutrition beauty products. This year it reported a growth of 100 million, billing revenues of 8.5 billion dollars.



Natura & Co

Antônio Luiz Seabra is the founder and largest shareholder of this Brazilian company that recently bought the Avon beauty products company. This entrepreneur, like many of those who are part of direct sales companies, communicates with his employees through motivational videos. According to the ranking of multilevel companies, Natura & Co is located in position two with revenues valued at 7.16 billion dollars.

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Herbalife Nutrition

After the death of its founder, Mark Hugues, the society is administered by several members: Michael O Johnson, as president; Brett R Chapman, General Counsel; Richard P Goudis, CEO; John DeSimone, Chief Financial Officer. This company also ranks among the largest and most economically strong direct selling industries. It is in more than ninety countries offering nutrition and health products complying with control and quality standards. It is currently a public limited company and is located in the third box of the multilevel companies with the most sales worldwide with revenues of 5.5 billion dollars. Compared to last year, its sales increase was 600 million dollars, which led the company to be the winner of the Bravo International Growth Award.



The German kitchen implements company noted for its use of innovative technology and product durability has been on the market for over 140 years in more than 60 countries worldwide. The company founded by brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk is currently owned by the Mittelsten family, who after patenting the Kobold vacuum cleaner, turned the company into a multinational. Currently, it ranks fourth with total revenue of $ 4.48 trillion.


The Korean home products company focuses its business on the production of cutting-edge technology promoting home health through engineering, design thinking, and user experience. It ranks fifth in the 2021 ranking with total revenue of $ 2.8 trillion.