International Podcast Day: 5 podcasts to learn another language

On International Podcast Day we recommend five podcasts to learn another language.

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We bring you a selection of the best podcasts to learn another language. Photo: Unsplash

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In this immediacy, times one of the tools that have gained the most prominence is the podcast. This, due to the ease with which it can be carried out, the attractive content that many tend to offer, and the reach that it can have in the middle of this interconnected world.

Just to remember, a podcast is a sound format that is available through a file or transmission and that allows addressing different topics of general or particular interest to the public. Having the singularity that in many cases any user can download it through different internet pages and if they wish they can listen to it anywhere and at any time of the day while carrying out the different activities of their daily chores.

Well, if you are one of those who tend to consume podcasts frequently, this time and as a result of International Podcast Day, we bring you a selection of the best podcasts to learn another language, especially in the midst of an increasingly competitive job market and where each tool that you add can be of great help in your personal and professional future, in the medium and long term.

1. Amigos Ingleses (to learn English)

If you are in the process of wanting to learn to speak English and you are not so sure you can do it or you consider that it is very complicated, English Friends is a great alternative. From the hand of Isabel and Phillip, a Spaniard and an English, you can learn the basics of the language (vocabulary, grammar, and main phrases) since in each program they generate conversations in the English language where they speak slowly and spontaneously and address different topics regarding English culture and its people.

2. Latin ELE Podcast (to learn Spanish)

This podcast emerges as an option for everyone who wants to learn Spanish, offering a basic level program for those who are just starting out and an intermediate-advanced plan for those who already have a higher grammatical and vocabulary command. Likewise, it has online Spanish classes in a personalized way and with flexibility in the times, which today people are grateful for due to the immediacy with which they are living.

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3. Voice of America Podcast (to learn English)

If you are someone who always wants to be informed and aware of the latest news, this podcast is designed for you because it constantly deals with the most current events that are happening in America and around the world. The best thing is that it does so in a vocabulary that is not so complex and at a motivating pace, and although the news is approached from the point of view of the Americans, it is often events that occur worldwide.

4. Latinos en el extranjero (to learn Spanish)

In times when immigration has been increasing in much of the continent and is increasingly important in people's lives, this podcast may not have as its main objective to teach you the Spanish language or all its rules, since it talks about migration processes, but it can help you to perfect the language, learn the localities of different Latin American countries and learn more about the culture of Latin America through interviews with Latinos who have emigrated within and outside the continent.

5. Coffee Break German (to learn German)

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and is one of the most required to qualify for a job in the old continent. Perhaps in this part of the world, it is not used much, but if you plan to travel on some occasion to countries where German is the mother tongue "Coffee Break German" offers you that and much more, since it helps you in a very didactic way to understand the language and to be able to communicate through it thanks to real conversations with other people, which facilitates its learning.