What you'll learn in SAFe Scrum Master Certification


Sachin Yadav

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In this article, we will be talking about the SSM certification course in details with respect to what all it has to offer to you and what the perks of getting SSM certified.

SAFe® 5.1 Scrum Master, shortly called SSM Certification is being provided by Knowledgehut, on their online learning platform. In this article, we will be talking about the SSM certification course in details with respect to what all it has to offer to you and what the perks of getting SSM certified.

In our SSM training comprehensive course, you will be taught to master srcum skills and deliver maximum productivity and business value across the enterprise at a large scale. It will make you bale to competently plan and successfully implement the Program Increment across the organization and build a high-performing Agile team in the enterprise.


About SSM Certification Course on Knowledgehut

In the SSM Certification course, you will learn to grow enterprise-level scrum skills in all aspects. To quote a few, it will equip you with the required Scrum master skills in order to be competent in delivering maximum product value at scale.

The training program will offer a 16-hour live and interactive course in which you will learn PI i.e. Project Increment which is primary enable to align the SAFe framework throughout entire enterprise levels.

So, join the program and get to master the main components of Agile at scale development and facilitation of Scrum across the enterprise. The course will enable you to become a servant leader and coach so that you could build high-performing Agile teams. 

The SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) certification is a designation offered by Scaled Agile, Inc. to those practitioners who demonstrate their understanding by clearing the advanced SAFe 5.1 Scrum Master certification exam and complete a 2-day training offered by SAFe Program Consultant.

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Why become a Certified SAFe 5 Scrum Master?

The demand for SAFe Scrum Master is increasing in present times and will continue to grow beyond software industries. The reason is that the Scaled Agile Framework has its underlying principles in Agile development, Lean, system thinking, design thinking, and DevOps and is the most sought after method for scaling Agile because more than 70% of Fortune 100 and several Global 2000 companies seeks  to employ SAFe Scrum Master

Since the demand for SSM is at an all-time high-level, the SSM certification is the one stop solution to open opportunities for you in high-paying Scrum Master roles across industries.


What skills you will gain in the SSM Course

The SAFe Scrum Master certification offered at KnowledgeHut will aid you validate your learned knowledge and commitment showcased to continue excellence and quality in your role as Scrum Master. By attending the training you will be able to demonstrate our proficiency in SAFe® and then could easily apply for Scrum at the enterprise-level. 

Thus, begin your journey in scaling agile to your Advanced Certified SAFe Scrum Master Certification grow your career in SAFe® by getting trained with the SSM Course and build promising future with confidence.  The SSM certification has an added advantage because it gets your job-profile noticed at interviews and also in your promotions. You can easily have the opportunity to command higher salaries than your peers who are not certified in SSM and also can network further with industry superiors and Agile professionals.


Final Remarks

Please note that there are no pre-conditions required to be fulfilled to attend the SSM Certification training but prior experience of working in a Lean-Agile environment is must to attend the SAFe Scrum Master Exam.

However, for better understanding the attendees are advisable to have: Basic familiarity with the Agile principles and practices, functioning of Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Kanban, and working idea of software and hardware development process.

There are more pre-requisites available on the website of Knowledgehut.com