Gallery: Anti-Vaxxer Athletes who Changed their Minds

Here we show you some anti-vaxxers athletes who decided to immunize against COVID-19.

LeBron James and Karl Darlow

These are some of the athletes who came to their senses and decided to get vaccinated, contributing to the return to normality. Photo: LatinAmerican Post

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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Anti-vaccines are becoming a headache for governments that are targeting herd immunity and, thus, being able to reduce the cases of contagion and deaths from COVID-19. By refusing the vaccine, they lengthen and worsen the coronavirus crisis worldwide. This is worse when it comes to a celebrity, or anti-vaxxer athletes, as their influence can affect the lives of millions.

Thus, we want to review some of the athletes who, after declaring themselves skeptical or anti-vaccines, reconsidered their opinion and decided to get vaccinated, contributing to the return to normality .

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Despite the fact that every day we see a higher level of vaccination in all sports leagues worldwide, skepticism in professional sports is real. Especially in the NBA and the Premier League, the voices of the anti-vaccines are becoming more popular every day. For now, the only way to raise awareness in vaccination among athletes is in charge of the directives of these leagues that have taken stricter measures against these narratives, for the well-being of athletes and their spectators.