Will There Be A Second Season Of "Squid Game"?

The series is one of the most watched on Netflix, and while they haven't confirmed a second season of Squid Game yet, they will likely announce it soon .

Still from the series 'The Squid Game'

"There are some loose ends and I would like to explore them if I were to do a second season," the director mentioned in an interview with CNN. Photo: YT-Netflix

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Among the premieres of September on Netflix was a South Korean series called "Squid Game", which for many people went unnoticed from the beginning. However, as the days went by, its popularity began to grow by leaps and bounds thanks to those series fans who usually spend their time watching little-recognized productions. In the end, in the blink of an eye, it ended up becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

South Korean productions have the particularity of telling their stories in a miniseries format. Nine episodes of an hour or so were enough for the audience to be captivated by a little-explored plot that also had a fairly close relationship with real-life events. In fact, that connection with reality (of people with serious financial problems) was the key to its imminent success.

Now, with the end of the first season, many of us are left not only wanting to see more, but also with endless questions and possible theories of what could be seen soon. In the last minutes of "Squid Game", we witnessed what could be the beginning of a new adventure for Gi-hun, who instead of getting on the plane to Los Angeles preferred to turn around to go in search of the organizers (or so it seems). Will the games continue? Will we learn more about the mysterious masked men?

The director speaks

Hwang Dong-hyuk is the director and scriptwriter of this fiction which, as he explained in several interviews, took 13 years to put it into operation. His idea had emerged in 2008 in the form of a film, but it was gradually molded into a series when he wrote the first two episodes. The fact that it took almost six months to write them can already give us an idea of how exhausting his production process was since he is not one of those who usually works with a team.

Faced with this, in order not to repeat that exhausting moment, the director would apply a different strategy: «I would not do it alone. I would consider using a writing room and would like to have several experienced directors, "Dong-hyuk explained to Variety. Of course, he also pointed out that for now, he is concentrating on directing his next feature film, although that has not removed from his mind the great ideas of what the second season of "Squid Game" would be.

The South Korean director keeps open the possibility of continuing the plot and it is partly thanks to the success of the first season, which has even put some pressure on his shoulders. “The series has become a huge success and people would hate me if I didn't do a second season, so I feel pressure that makes me think about doing it. That success is a great reward for me, but at the same time it has given me a lot of pressure, " he confessed.

Without any official plot lines so far, Dong-hyuk holds two ideas for "Squid Game" continuity. On the one hand, to have Gi-hun as a fundamental pillar again but this time to seek to unmask those responsible for the game, while on the other, to focus the story on Agent Jun-ho and discover what happened when he fell off the cliff, in addition to the relationship with his brother and leader of the sect.

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Tying up loose ends or starting from scratch?

Between the rumors on social media and the brief interviews with director Hwang Dong-hyuk, the second season of "Squid Game" has several paths to start the project once again. As for a possible cast, the only one that could be confirmed is Gi-hun (Lee Jung Jae), as he was the only survivor of the games.

"There are some loose ends and I would like to explore them if I were to do a second season," the director mentioned in an interview with CNN. In addition to delving into the past of the Leader or the history of Jun-ho, another detail to highlight is the man with the ttakji in his pockets, in charge of capturing the players at the train station. His appearance at the beginning was key, and by the end he left us as a reminder that nothing had changed.

Also, among rumors there has been talk of starting from scratch with other characters participating in the same games and that this could go hand in hand with Gi-hun's intentions to confront the organization. However, there are others who suggest that the second season of "Squid Game" would be a kind of flashback that will explain the origin of everything and the context that we did not see in the first. What will really happen? We can only wait patiently for more Netflix updates.