Eternals Review: What the Marvel Cinematic Universe Needed

This is our review of Eternals, the new epic Marvel movie .

Frame from the movie 'Eternals'

We will tell you what are the keys to the success of this film and why it can be a good turning point for the future of movies. Photo: YT-Marvel Entertainment

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Eternals was considered the next great movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although it is true that the future Spider-Man 3 still generates more expectations, due to the possibility that the 3 versions of the arachnid superhero will appear, every comic book fan knew about the importance of the group of heroes that stars in this film.

So when the cast was announced, many people were happy. Mainly, because they chose a group of renowned actors and actresses, with actors of the stature of Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden or Kit Harington. 

Now, the truth is that, apart from this, Eternals has been a great adaptation that may be key to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Next, we will tell you what the keys to the success of this film are and why it can be a good turning point for the future of films.

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Eternals, a great Marvel production

Directed by Chlóe Zhao, Oscar-winning director for the film Nomadland, Eternals manages to be a show that is quite different from the Marvel style of the previous films. Some of this we had been able to see with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which gave it an oriental aesthetic never seen in this universe.

Well, a similar thing happens here. Eternals appears as a film that seeks to be mythological, something that makes it ambitious. The idea is that these new superheroes are considered important to the viewer, so we will immediately understand what role they play in this entire franchise.

Interestingly, Eternals deviates, in some sections, from the classic Marvel formula. This production, allows spaces to breathe and generate a good dynamic of interaction between the characters.

The characters have clear motivations, which are not even abandoned in the most important battles of the film. Therefore, the spectacular nature of some scenes is only a complement to the dynamics between the characters, which are the central axis of the film, as we constantly want to know more about them.

This is also associated with the tone of the film. Although it appeals to that characteristic fantastic mysticism of these characters, the essence of Zhao, which we had already seen in Nomadland, is the possibility of generating a naturalistic environment . This could already be seen in the trailers, because the aesthetic is different from what we had seen in the MCU ... and this results in success.

That naturalism makes it a movie that takes itself seriously. This means that there are not too many classic comedy scenes or the classic Marvel jokes, but the emotional aspect is the most worked throughout the entire production. Especially when it comes to family ties.

One of the main doubts of Marvel fans was related to the possibility of each character having their own role. It was somewhat complicated, since the cast is larger than usual -with the exception of the Avengers films-, but the difference with the latter is that, in this case, new characters are introduced and there is no prior development.

Well, the work in this regard has also been impeccable. The measurement of the prominence of each figure has been measured, to the point that none of them captivates the public excessively. After all, we see everyone as part of something much bigger, so there will be those who prefer some and those who prefer others.

The truth is that Eternals may be a turning point for Marvel, in the sense that, as we have seen with Shang-Chi, there are visual and narrative renovations about the franchise itself. Ah! Without going into spoilers, the post-credits scene may also be one of the keys to the future of the franchise. Don't forget to see it!