Travis Scott and the Astroworld Tragedy: What can be Learned?

The last concert in which the renowned rapper participated ended in a fatal way, eight people died and dozens were trapped inside the venue. Here we analyze the Astroworld tragedy and how this type of accident can be avoided in the future.

View of the 'Astroworld' stage

It is known that Travis Scott is usually extremely energetic in his presentations and that encourages his followers to enjoy his presentations to the fullest and to generate some fuss. Photo: Festicket

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The world of music lives a resurrection more than expected by fans, who have had to wait for a long time for the reopening of the different activities that the coronavirus pandemic had suspended or canceled.

One of the most affected areas, without a doubt, has been that of the music industry, but it has slowly been recovering spaces and has been able to perform concerts with public, although with reduced capacity.  The concert held last weekend in Houston (Texas) by singer Travis Scott, which took place as part of the Astroworld festival, was one of the examples of this new normal..

It is known that Travis Scott is usually extremely energetic in his presentations and that encourages his followers to enjoy his presentations to the fullest and to generate a certain fuss. Well, in this concert last weekend everything ended in a tragedy, after a mob broke out inside the venue, where more than 50,000 people who enjoyed the rapper's presentation pushed onto the stage and caused a dozen of the attendees ended up injured and unfortunately eight people lost their lives, according to local authorities.

Scott has regretted what happened and has promised to pay the ticket money to all attendees, as well as to provide mental health help to the people who ended up being affected after the fateful night.

What other similar accidents have occurred in recent years?

Unfortunately, what happened at the Astroword festival adds to a series of sad events that have occurred in other concerts worldwide. Countries like Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Italy have been involved in accidents of equal or greater magnitude than what happened in this concert and that once again puts the lives of many people at risk.

In Chile, in 2015 thousands of people gathered inside a private venue to witness the performance of the British punk band Doom, who were visiting Chile for the first time in their entire career. This generated a lot of expectation on the part of the population. However, everything ended in the worst way, when a totally uncontrolled human avalanche formed at the entrance of the event, causing the death of five young people, shocking the country and marking a before and after in the protocols for the realization and production of These events.

Mexico was also marked by an accident of similar characteristics, when more than a decade ago five people died in a concert held in Monterrey, in the northern state of Nuevo León, after a succession of shots produced inside the place caused the total lack of control of the attendees. The crowd ended up crushing many of the people in the panic caused by the shooting and by the attempt to escape as far outside as possible.

In December 2018, thousands of people in a nightclub in Italy, when they were waiting for the concert of Sfera Ebbasta (one of the artists most listened to by the Italian youth audience), the smell of gas that was felt in the place generated confusion in the audience. As in the cases mentioned above, those attending the event tried to escape, causing a lack of control that would cost five people their lives.

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The actions and lessons to be taken

Undoubtedly, all the tragedies that happen in this type of event are to be regretted, but above all they should be a wake-up call for the concert organizers and the artists who perform there so that actions and lessons are generated that Avoid these types of incidents that put the lives of thousands of people at risk.

Producers and organizers must review in advance the maximum capacity limit allowed in a venue, fully know the characteristics of the place and must be extremely well coordinated with security. If there is no such communication between the organizers and if the safety plan fails, it is very likely that the risk of serious accidents will increase.

While artists must take advantage of all existing platforms and make calls through their social networks where they invite their fans to enjoy their shows but always with responsibility, tranquility and without unleashing chaos. Otherwise, accidents like the one that occurred in Houston in the middle of the presentation of Travis Scott will continue to occur and there will be more misfortunes to regret, when they could have been avoided.