A Healing Space To Connect With Our Inner Self

There are some real health benefits to writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Indeed, writing in diaries or journaling can be very cathartic.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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Just taking a few precious minutes to jot down your thoughts and emotions will get you in touch with your inner self. As Jen Williamson said once, "Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding."

Whether you are regular with your journaling or you've dabbled in it, but it's never been a consistent habit, there are numerous health benefits from writing. When you were younger, perhaps you used to have a diary or a notebook where you wrote down everything going on in your mind. Remember all those things that were so dramatic and emotional or difficult.

When we were teens, we often kept a diary and wrote things down. Journaling is like the adult version: It's a space to express our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and confusion at times. It's a space where we can write that down and get that flow and put things out there that maybe we cannot express to others, or perhaps we need a space to make sense of stuff to speak about it. Journaling is just a fantastic tool to use. Some of the benefits include:

-Boosting our physical and mental health: We are all busy, and often, the days go by, and we don't have time to stop and think about what's going on, and that's when we build up feelings of stress, anxiety, worry, and fear. Doing something daily to process your thoughts and emotions reduces that buildup of pressure, which increases your physical and mental health.

-Reducing stress and anxiety: It's essential to find a space to process what we think and feel, so a journal can be an excellent tool for us to process, work, explore, and understand what's going on in our minds.


-Turning down feelings of depression: Journaling can improve moods and sense of happiness. Writing down your thoughts is one of the best therapies you could have. It gives us time and space to process our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to work out how we're feeling.

-Helping us identify our triggers: Journaling allows us to become much more self-aware so that we can understand the things that trigger us, the patterns we have, and the things that we respond to, and develop that inner self-awareness so we can understand it or change it.

-Encouraging us to express ourselves: Having a diary will help you know what you think and, therefore, communicate better with other people. Sometimes, it's hard to know what we want to say or how we feel, and consequently, you've got that space to express yourself better.

In conclusion, the benefits of journaling for mental health and happiness are endless. Buy a notebook and keep it close to you so any time you need to clear your thoughts, you can use it to express yourself without feeling judged.