These Are The Best 5 Disney Plus Productions Of 2021

Disney Plus stood out in 2021 for offering a large number of high-quality audiovisual productions. We are our favorite five.

Still from the productions 'Cruella', 'What If' and 'Luca'

Disney Plus appears as an incredible alternative for all its franchises and all the possibilities that the generation of new series and movies implies. Photo: YT-Disney

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The mouse streaming platform is a real success. This year, we saw that it grew faster than Netflix, as it currently has more than 100 million subscribers. This means that, in just one year, it got the same as Netflix in 10. Those are shocking numbers, although this does not mean that it will maintain this same success in the future.

The important thing is that Disney Plus is an incredible alternative for all its franchises and all the possibilities that the generation of new series and movies implies. If you want to see the best of the year, here are the 5 productions that have stood out the most in 2021.


Cruella was a really impressive live-action. Starring the star Emma Stone, it was a film that shows the conversion of an emblematic character, who had already had other versions, both in animated format and with real actors. Now, why has it been a success?

Mainly, for the incredible performance of the actress, as well as a great thematic recreation, with good costume design and a really attractive rhythm. Without a doubt, a villain with whom you come to empathize implies an excellent construction of a character. Do not miss it!

Jungle Cruise

Starring Dwayne Johnson, it is a classic pirate adventure that from the outset aimed to become a franchise, which is why a sequel was already announced. This is a film suitable for all audiences, which has a simple, but effective script.

The performance of the leading character is one of the best in his repertoire, in addition to the fact that the viewer feels connected to the adventure that the trip implies. This movie will give you an excellent time because everything feels genuine within the style it proposes.

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Luca may not be one of the favorite films of the Pixar audience, but the truth is that it was a living sample that this studio can be at a high level, even in its simplest productions. In this case, we have an Italian adventure, which seeks to delve into issues such as diversity and discrimination.

It is an emotional film, which has a really perfected animation style, which moves away from the "reality" of Soul to have a much more classic cartoon style. This whole movie exudes magic, so you can watch it if you like stories that make you cry.

What if?

Let's move on to the Marvel section. While several series and movies have come out, none have been more prominent than What If. It is a reimagining of the events that we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a clear premise: what would have happened if things turned out differently?

Throughout 9 episodes, we see the most important characters in the saga with alternate versions. Even in the later chapters, we will see a large-scale conflict that may be important for the future of the MCU. With a confirmed second season, this animated production is perfect for all fans.

Star Wars: Visions

To continue with the animation, we cannot fail to mention another of Disney's most successful brands: Star Wars. After finishing the 9 films of the main saga, it was clear that the universe created by George Lucas needed a breath of fresh air ... and this series of stories have achieved it.

In Visions we find an anime series, with a clear Asian influence. In its 9 episodes, we see “parallel” stories that seek to reimagine the concepts of all the classic films, with new characters and intense rhythms. They are short episodes, perfect to see at once in the same afternoon.

All this content shows that Disney Plus has had a great year. We hope you like these stories!