Find Out if You Have a Childhood Wound To Heal It

The toxic behavior of adults in their different relationships is directly related to the wounded inner child and many of their attitudes depend on it. 

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The inner tyrant is an expression of an open childhood wound, since each unattended emotional need in childhood generates a wound, which corresponds to a specific dysfunctional behavior.

The first years of life set the tone for the formation of the personality and this is how depending on the painful and traumatic experiences lived, different wounds are generated in childhood, which is characterized by very particular feelings and attitudes. These wounds are known as the wound of abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal, and injustice. In this article, we will deal with the Wound of Injustice as a predisposing agent of the inner Tyrant.

The Inner Tyrant and the Wound of Injustice in Childhood

The Inner Tyrant is a self-saboteur of life. This is characteristic of excessively demanding and perfectionist people, not very conciliatory, with a sense of superior importance, convinced of having the absolute truth, inflexible and not very expressive, for fear of showing their vulnerability. It is never enough for them what they do and how they do it and they do not accept their mistakes. They become dictators with the people with whom they interact and are not capable of delegating because they believe that no one is capable of doing things well.


Causes of the Emotional Wound of Injustice

It is generated between the ages of four and seven when the father or mother is authoritarian and their attitudes towards their children are one of lack of respect and recognition. This generates a feeling of injustice and little worth, which makes them feel useless, incapable, insufficient, and undeserving, accumulating anger and frustration in the child, which they later manifest against themselves and others, also disqualifying them. For this reason and in view of the fact that he does not feel enough, he becomes an inflexible and unjust being, manifesting himself as a tyrant with himself and with others, incapable of conciliating to reach agreements.

How To Manage the Wound of Injustice To Heal?

Learning to identify and manage emotions and express feelings allows you to develop trust and empathy. Stop judging, learn to listen, value, and respect the point of view of others, allows you to develop tolerance. Opening your mind to other perspectives and points of view allows you to develop flexibility. Starting a process of acceptance and recognition of oneself allows raising self-esteem and a person who learns to love and value himself learns to love and value others. On the other hand, it is imperative to carry out a process of healing the inner child, to forgive and forgive, understanding that parents and adults did what they could from their level of consciousness. Taking responsibility for taking charge of our life, healing the inner child allows us to flow in balance and harmony to lead a life in peace.

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