Martha Cecilia Bustamante, Colombian Distinguished for Her Contributions to Science

The French Academy of Sciences gave one of the highest distinctions to a Colombian physicist for her studies and contributions to quantum physics.

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Martha Cecilia Bustamante de la Ossa is a physicist and astrophysicist passionate about the history of science. Her research and contribution to the study of the history of science, in particular, quantum physics in France, made her worthy of this award.

The Colombian has spent more than 17 years studying the beginnings of physical theory in France, publishing the book "At the dawn of quantum theory."

Martha Cecilia, born in Calarcá, Quindío, has a master's degree in Physics from the Pedagogical University of Colombia. She also studied astrophysics at the University of Paris VII, is a doctor, and did postdoctoral research in Epistemology and History of Science at the same French institution.

The award given on November 23 belongs to the recognition carried out annually at the Academy, which highlights those professionals in the world who transcend with their research and work.

Other Outstanding Women Scientists

Another female Colombian scientist who left her mark this year is Paola Andrea Arias, Associate Professor of the Environmental School, Faculty of Engineering of Antioquia. She is one of 243 scientists who wrote the report on the science of climate change published by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Arias' participation as an author in this report, a key one for the global climate future, was focused on chapter eight, which talks about the water cycle and climate change, built by 16 scientists. In addition, Arias was part of the Technical Summary and the Summary for Decision Makers, providing new tools to understand better how human activity has altered our climate.

Another name that is taking over the science world is Sandra Milena Rondón. The Boyacense scientist, born in Soatá, received the "For Women in Science" (Para las Mujeres en la Ciencia) award, a recognition of her breast cancer research work that she has developed over several years. The Doctor was chosen from a select group of seven women who do science in the country. The award was presented by the company L'Óreal, UNESCO, Colciencias and Icetex.


Rondón's project is focused on evaluating chromosomal instability (CIN) and clonal heterogeneity in a group of patients with breast cancer to establish their association with clinicopathological parameters. And thus make these analyzes a potential prognostic and prevention tool in the treatment of patients who may benefit from more effective therapies such as endocrine therapy or chemotherapy.

Winners of For Women in Science Program

Heiddy Paola Quiroz is one of the scientists that tops this list. Quiroz is a Doctor of Physical Sciences from the National University of Colombia. Her project is based on the application of codoped TiO2 nanoparticles as a DMS for non-volatile memories with a transistor-like structure. With the project's development, the scientific community will be strengthened in the generation of new knowledge.

Another winners of "For Winner in Science" are Anna María Polanía Rivera, Sandra Jimena Báez Buitrago, Diana Bolena Sánchez Melo, Yamileth Ortiz Gómez, and Giovanna Danies Turano. Just like Martha Cecilia Bustamante, many names of outstanding women scientis start taking over the world.

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