From January to July: These were the 6 Latin Hits of 2021

Don't miss our summary of the first half of the year on the 6 Latin hits of 2021. Which was your favorite?.

Camilo, Gera MX and Bad Bunny

The year is about to end and throughout this, we have been able to enjoy great musical successes that have made us dance, sing and enjoy. Photos: YT-Camilo, YT-Gera MX, YT-Bad Bunny

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The year is about to end and throughout this, we have been able to enjoy great musical successes that have made us dance, sing and enjoy. That is why we bring you a list with the most played song of each month and that has generated a trend throughout this 2021. Let's start with the first half of the year. They are ready? Let's put play on it!

January: "Expensive clothes", Camilo

The month of January surprised us with one of the songs that generated the biggest trend in 2021. We are talking about the success "Ropa Cara" by the Colombian Camilo. Winner of the Latin Gammy 2021 for the best pop vocal album for his album “Mis manos” and for best pop song with the theme “Vida de rico.” The interpreter of “Tutu” made us sing and dance to the rhythm of “Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada ”.

February: "Fiel", Wisin, Jhay Cortez and Los legendarios

With more than 205 million views on YouTube and generating one of the biggest trends on TikTok with the chorus: “Tú ´tas dura sin ir al gym, taco´Louboutin”, February arrived with the theme "Fiel" in collaboration with the artists Wisin, Jhay Cortez and Los legendarios, making it the most listened to this year, reaching number 9 globally on the Spotify platform in the month of its launch.

March: “Cumbia a la gente”, Guaynna and Los Ángeles Azules

We could not leave out one of the most successful groups in recent years. "From Iztapalapa to the world" Los Ángeles Azules arrive in collaboration with Puerto Rican Guaynna  who rose to fame with the hit "Rebota", presenting the hit: "Cumbia a la gente". Available since the end of March, this collaboration continues to surprise us, as Los Ángeles Azules continue to renew themselves and create great songs that have made them the favorites of the people.

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April: "Botella tras botella", Gera MX and Christian Nodal

In April we got a bit melancholic, as Gera MX and Christian Nodal introduced us to the song "Botella tras botella". After his success with Ángela Aguilar, Nodal brings us this song for those loves that we do not want to overcome and with more than 425 million views on YouTube, this song would quickly become an anthem for heartbreak. For its part, Gera MX has also released this 2021 his album entitled "Los not tan tristes" together with rappers Nanpa Básico and Charles Ans.

May: "Todo de ti", Rauw Alejandro

“Aceleraste mis latidos. Es que me gusta todo de ti”. Just listening to this chorus, it is inevitable not wanting to stand up and dance. It was at the end of May that Rauw Alejandro released the single Todo de ti, becoming the favorite of millions, since his video on YouTube has reached more than 440 million views, making it a success. Let's remember that the Puerto Rican singer also won a Latin Grammy for his collaboration with Camilo on the song "Tattoo."

June: "Yonaguni", Bad Bunny

It is not strange to anyone that the Puerto Rican rapper and composer Bad Bunny has established himself as one of the best artists in recent years. Just in this 2021, for the second time in a row, he has established himself as the most listened to artist on the Spotify streaming platform with more than 9.1 billion views. In addition, his album "El último tour del mundo" was awarded the Latin Grammy award for best urban music album. It was the month of June that "el conejo malo" released the song "Yonaguni" quickly becoming a success. The song that is titled as a small island in Japan, Yonaguni, Bad Bunny continues to surprise us and makes it very clear why he is the king of streaming.

Well, it's time to pause this count. We reached the end of the first part of the most listened to Latin songs of 2021. Stay tuned to discover together were the musical hits that delighted us, made us dance and sing the second half of the year.