How Does the Power of the Mind Affect Our Physical Well-Being?

The human mind is capable of creating various types of diseases that do not exist; they are only in our minds. But, don't worry! The Woman Post invites you to identify them and recommends some tips to learn how to control them.

The Woman Post | María Carolina Rivero

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Mind and body are the perfect duos to work on to stay in balance. However, the social isolation caused by the COVID-19 health crisis has generated serious emotional conflicts in a large percentage of the population. That is why, if you feel identified as your mind affects your body, do not worry! We show you some alternatives to change that situation.

A recent article published by the Imbanaco Clinic states that several studies show that approximately 50% of diseases are generated by emotional crises. Even other inquiries indicate that it may be over 80% caused by the stress and depression of the modern world. But, this is where we ask ourselves: are 80% of diseases caused by our feelings? Yes, you think it's enough.

If indeed, the emotional state is sensitive and reflects an impact on fears, fears, and repressed feelings, which causes vulnerability in the body, according to Dr. María Amelia Bueno, a speciesist doctor in the Service of Medicine, Mind, and Body of the Imbanaco Medical Center. These sad people with negative attitudes are more predisposed to suffer episodes of anxiety, depression. On the contrary, happy people, with good thoughts and positive energies, can easily control their emotions and maintain excellent health.

9 Psychosomatic Illnesses That Have Increased With COVID-19

Arturo Torres, a psychologist who graduated from the University of Barcelona and with various specialties in Political Communication and Social Psychology, assures that these diseases are caused by our mind. Anxiety and depression are the perfect allies for the explosion of diseases in our bodies.

1. Migraine: Some experts say that migraines are caused by psychological conditions because the blood that runs through the brain is linked to stress and causes very intense and periodic pain.

2. Infarction: Like migraine, infarction is caused by a level of stress and is activated when the walls of blood vessels stretch or narrow.

3. Psychogenic cough: Coughing acts as a kind of nervous tic that repeats itself as long as anxiety exists.

4. Acne: This disease is based on hormonal cycles and is capable of producing severe cases of acne in people who suffer from it. Usually, adolescents are the ones who suffer from this imbalance.


5. Fibromyalgia, tiredness, or chronic fatigue: This syndrome is characterized by strong and constant muscle aches.

6. Ulcers: The stress caused by the COVID-19 health crisis has caused pressure ulcers in people. The psychological impact can affect our health.

7. Irritable Colon: Another syndrome that produces abdominal pain and causes severe problems to the well-being of the individual who suffers from it.

8. Bruxism: Specialists consider that this disorder is caused by psychological problems. Usually, people who suffer from it perform a constant rubbing on the teeth and cause headaches, jaw, and ear.

9. Insomnia: This disease is related to the inability to isolate the brain in the evening hours to rest.

Tips To Fight Diseases and Stay Healthy

Some experts provide clinical recommendations for extreme cases and tips to keep you in balance with a healthy mind.

-Clinical hypnosis: Experts through hypnosis enter your subconscious that has caused the disorder. This type of treatment is a technique that boosts the natural mechanisms that self-heal the mind.

-Neurofeedback: A strong training to our brain is taught to self-regulate, this leads to enormous benefits in its functioning.

-Cardiac coherence: The HearthMath Institute provides training with cardiac coherence tools that can be practiced from home.

-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR): This technique helps reduce the negative impact.

-Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) or tapping: This practice is based on the stimulation of acupuncture points, to unlock the energy-related to that thought.

-Relaxation: With the various relaxation methods, you can manage to control anxiety and thus reduce hormone levels.

-Visualize yourself: Imagine pleasant moments to reduce muscle tension, this will relieve pain.

-Mindfulness: With a mindfulness attitude, you can assess changes in the behavior of your mind and your life.

In short, the important thing is to identify the disorders in time and implement measures that help you channel psychological problems according to the level of your condition. So, do you need therapy?