Infographic: Is escaping to Mars the real solution?

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Elon Musk assures that the first trips to Mars could be done in 10 years. How likely is it that escaping to Mars will save us?


Photo: LatinAmerican Post

LatinAmerican Post | Vanesa López Romero

Our world is at stake. The climate and environmental crises put at risk not only the planet as we know it, but also the life that inhabits it. Given this, the scientific community has sought for years to make world leaders and the world population aware of the need to change our consumption habits to safeguard the resources that we still have left. Transitioning to renewable energy, penalizing acts against the environment, raising awareness in the community about its impact on the problem, among others, are essential actions in the race against climate change.

Given this, Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX, has assured that humanity could be saved if we make an escape to Mars. But how likely is it that we can move to another planet? More importantly, is that the real solution?


Musk is currently working on lowering the costs per ton for trips to Mars. But he recently assured in an interview conducted by the Lex Fridman Podcast that if he could not optimize costs, the trip to Mars would not be possible for anyone, no matter how much money they offered.

That a person with so much economic and media power assumes that our species will become extinct and that the best solution is to colonize another planet only puts at risk the chances of saving the planet that is our home.

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