Get Ready With The Best Songs For Jamming 2022

We share a list for you to prepare for Jamming 2022, we also tell you some of the details of the recent cancellations of some artists.

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The next holiday weekend, from March 19 to 21, one of the most anticipated music festivals in Colombia will be held, Jamming 2022. This event, like many others, was canceled in 2020 due to the health emergency of the COVID- 19. After 2 years of patience and the restrictions were lowered, the event will be held at the Hawaii Beach Recreational Park, in Ibagué, Tolima.

Below we tell you some details behind the cancellations of some artists and we leave you a list of songs so you can prepare for Jamming 2022.

Those who will no longer be

In January it had already been announced that the Argentine singer Vicentico and the Mexican band Maldita Vecindad y Los Hijos del Quinto Patio would not participate in the festival. On the other hand, at the beginning of March, all the announced artists were confirmed, but in recent days some of the most anticipated announced that they would no longer perform. We are talking about the American band Black Eyed Peas and the Argentine band Los Cafres. Given this, the attendees showed indignation, since the first group was one of the most important that would be presented at the festival. Also, it has been rumored that the British reggae band UB40 would not participate and this has generated controversy among the attendees. However, in an official Jamming statement, the festival clarified that there are “two formats of the same group; the version that will be presented at the Festival is the one led by the longtime vocalist, Ali Campbell; To date, the presence of this group is a fact, as confirmed by the artist himself on his social networks”.

However, the festival will continue to have the participation of more than 100 artists, including Don Omar, Farruko, Caifanes, Sean Paul, SKA-P, Cultura Profética, Francy, Systema Solar, Monsieur Perine, among others.

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5 songs to prepare you for Jamming 2022

"She and I", Adventure ft. Don Omar

A couple of weeks ago Don Omar stopped a concert he was doing in Las Vegas because when he sang this song the audience didn't know the words. Quickly, the artist taught the lyrics to the public and sang it again. And it is that this is one of the classic songs of the urban genre of this artist, considered one of the forerunners of reggaeton in Latin America.

If you are going to see this artist on Saturday, we recommend you listen to this song once again so that you can sing it out loud. Not only is it a great song to dance to, but it tells a story of love and betrayal.

“Todos tenemos un amor”, La Mosca

Directly from Argentina lands the ska group La Mosca, one of the most important representatives of this musical genre. His song “Todos tenemos un amor” is a Latin American classic. This song belongs to their third album "Buenos Muchachos", from 2001, and is together with "Hoy estoy peor que ayer" and "Te quiero comer la boca", it was one of the songs that consecrated the group as an icon of ska in the region.

“Bolero Falaz”, Aterciopelados

What would this list be without one of the most played songs in the second half of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s? Aterciopelados is one of the most beloved Colombian groups in history. His songs have always managed to portray his history and his time, and "Bolero Falaz" is one of the ones that most accounts for this.

"Gimme tha power", Molotov

One of the most irreverent bands in Latin America will be present at this edition of Jamming. “Gimme tha Power” is a song with strong lyrics that denounces how the region, specifically Mexico, has been left behind under US power and hegemony.

This theme is recurrent in the songs of this band, so at a time as revolutionary as the one Latin America is experiencing, this theme will be a must at their concert this coming holiday Monday.

“Caracoles”, Cultura Profética

Cultura Profética is one of the most loved bands in Latin America, and today we recommend you prepare for their concert with one of their recent songs. “Caracoles” has one of the best music and video productions that the band from Puerto Rico has had. This song will surely give you one of the best sunsets of 2022.