The Failed Concerts in Latin America

Regarding the postponement of the 2022 edition of the Jamming Festival, we review other failed musical events in Latin America in recent years.

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Jamming Festival 2022 has been officially postponed, if not canceled. The event is in limbo. The public that had planned their attendance has been left without music, without their money, and without knowing if the event will ever happen. But it is not the first time that this kind of thing has happened in Latin America. Other failed concerts have taken place and not precisely because of the pandemic. And although they have not been as disastrous as the legendary Fyre Festival, they have caused a negative memory among its attendees.

Why was Jamming Festival 2022 canceled?

After two dark years for the world and massive events, 2022 represents an opportunity for the public and musicians to meet again face to face. Spectators are eager for music, therefore, what the Jamming Festival promised in Ibagué (Colombia) was much more than attractive. Internationally prestigious ensembles such as UB40, Black Eyed Peas, Vicentico, Maldita Vecindad, Damian Marley, SKA-P, among others, were ready to present their music.

However, the poor organization and poor communication with the public began to generate rumors about the event, which created a non-transparent environment that was finally confirmed with the announcement of the postponement of the event. The logistics conditions and, most importantly, the security were two of the great failures of the organizing company. By canceling the event, a snowball has been created that has affected sectors such as tourism, transportation, lodging, services, commerce, and the jobs of people who depend on the success of this type of massive event.

Other Big Failed Events in the Region

Lollapalooza Argentina, 2022

This event is one of the most important worldwide and has been successfully transferred to Latin America with editions in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. Fortunately, the Argentine edition was not unsuccessful, but the cancellations in recent days put the organizers in check: Phoebe Bridgers, Natanael Cano, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, and Jane's Addiction. However, the presentations of Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters, and The Strokes continued to achieve a successful festival.

Mark Anthony, 2021

The Puerto Rican promised in April 2021 a great live concert via streaming for his followers, who were on time to listen to it. However, the event did not start and the singer was silent for hours. Finally, Marc Anthony came forward to apologize for the technical problems with those who had purchased tickets to see the concert, he promised that he would ask the organizer for a refund of what they paid for the tickets and that, in addition, they could watch the concert on YouTube without any cost.

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Doom Concert, 2015, Chile

The organizers of the Jamming Festival had received criticism for the few guarantees of logistics and, above all, of security that they were offering. Even days before, they published an image of a stage set-up assuring that they would have government support for security. This item is very important for a massive event, it is enough to remember the failed Doom concert held in Chile in 2015. In this event, the tragedy was present with the death of 5 young people and numerous injuries due to negligence in logistics and security issues by part of the organizers. In addition, the investigations revealed violence by security personnel.

Hell & Heaven 2014, Mexico

In March 2014 the Hell & Heaven metal festival would take place in Texcoco, near Mexico City. But like the Jamming Festival, the security conditions were not guaranteed, a situation that forced the state government to cancel the event, which would have the presence of bands like Kiss and Guns N' Roses. The losses for the organizers were almost 8 million dollars and the event could not be saved having to return every peso of the tickets.

Vicente Fernandez, 2012, Ecuador

In September 2012, the concert of the ranchera music singer, Vicente Fernández, was canceled by the authorities due to suspicions of fraud by the organizers by selling more tickets than allowed for the capacity of the place. The authorities also took into account that alcohol was offered in the purchase of the most expensive tickets for the event that would take place on Sunday, the day on which the sale of alcohol was prohibited in Ecuador (a law that changed in 2016). Finally, the organizers could not prove their relationship with the singer as their representatives in the country, which ended up burying the concert.

Aerosmith, 2016, Bolivia

One more security, in 2016 Aerosmith would be presented in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Everything was going well with the organization until the wind caused the roof of the stage built in the "Tahuichi" Aguilera stadium to collapse. The cancellation of the concert and the return of the tickets were quickly announced. The organizers could not guarantee the safety of the band or the public.