Tiger Woods Returns: We Review the Best Moments of His Career

Tiger Woods could return to the PGA Tour at the Masters this weekend. Here we highlight the greatest moments of his career .

Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods is the most recognized golfer in the world and some would even argue that he is the greatest of all time. Since his accident in February 2021, his absence in the world of golf has become more than evident. Many doubted that Woods would be able to resume his career, particularly as the golfer suffered open fractures to his tibia and fibula. Therefore, it is a great joy that we can see him return to what he does best.

In celebration of this return, we decided to look back at some of the best moments from Tiger's career. Here we present them:

Victory at the 2000 British Open

With his British Open victory in 2000, the 24-year-old Tiger became the youngest player to win a Grand Slam in golf. That is, to obtain the Masters' Tournament, PGA Championship, and US Open titles in his career. This is such a great feat that there are only 5 golfers in history who have achieved a Grand Slam of golf. But the thing does not stop there, because Tiger would win each of these tournaments twice more for a total of 3 Grand Slams throughout his career, something that no one has ever equaled.

The Best Golf Shot of All Time

Perhaps the most iconic moment in Tiger Woods' storied career came during the 2005 Masters when he chipped in on the 16th hole of the final round. Woods hit the ball from the rough as he battled for the lead, with the ball hanging on the edge of the hole before falling. It is regarded as one of the most difficult golf shots of all time, not least because to get the necessary trajectory to put the ball in the hole, Woods had to aim at a target the size of a coin.

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Woods' caddy at the time tells the story, “After Tiger inspected the green and was walking back to his ball, he pointed to an old ball mark on the green. It was the size of a dime, practically invisible. He said, 'Do you think if I hit that spot, it will take the slope without going into the bunker?' (...) I told him that I liked that idea. Then he hit exactly the old mark on the ball, from 20 feet away."

Unmatched Consistency

Perhaps more than a particular moment, what is surprising about Tiger is his ability to be at the highest level of golf for so long. Throughout his career, Tiger has spent 683 weeks as the world's number 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings. To make a comparison, the player who follows him in this record is Greg Norman, with 331 weeks as number 1 in the ranking. As another point of comparison, the ATP player who has spent the most weeks at number 1 is Novak Djokovic with 362.