Fantastic Beasts 3: The Definitive Harry Potter Prequel?

Fantastic Beasts 3, the prequel to Harry Potter, is released, which seeks to further explore the wizarding world. Will it ever achieve a similar impact to the original tapes?.

Still from the movie 'Fantastic Beasts 3: Dumbledore's Secrets'

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It is clear that Harry Potter is one of the most important cultural phenomena in the world. The saga of films, which was released between 2001 and 2011, marked an entire generation of children and adults. Now, this did not mean the end: the magical world created by JK Rowling also gives rise to new stories, such as Fantastic Beasts.

The first Fantastic Beasts movie was released in 2016 and was intended to be a Harry Potter prequel, but also tried to function as a spin-off. At the end of the day, the idea was to do without the main characters, with the aim of exploring more things in the universe of the books that were not told in the original films.

The initial result was a complete success: this film achieved a box office of 812 million dollars. Although it did not include the emblematic characters, it had planted a base on a somewhat more realistic story, despite belonging to a magical world. Therefore, for the second part there were many expectations, because the tape would be even darker.

Released in 2018, Fantastic Beasts 2 featured a character from the original saga for the first time. It is about the iconic sorcerer Albus Dumbledore, in a young version played by Jude Law. In turn, the antagonist Grindelwald, played by Johnny Depp, who sought to be the "Voldemort" of this series of films, made his appearance.

The problem was that this production was a misstep in relation to the previous film. Some errors in the script meant that this film was not clear about what story had to be told. However, they had achieved a success: generate many expectations for what was going to happen in the third film.

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The expectations of Fantastic Beasts 3

It should be noted that Fantastic Animals seeks to be a saga of 5 installments, which is why we would be here in the "intermediate" tape. And that's where he can take advantage of great potential, since, in theory, this film should show us why Grindelwald was such a powerful villain as Voldemort.

For those who do not know, in this third part there was a very important controversy: the expulsion of Johnny Depp. After an accusation of gender violence by his ex-wife Amber Heard, Warner Bros decided to remove him from the film and replace him with actor Mads Mikkelsen.

However, contrary to what many would think, this modification can be a great success for the saga. Johnny Depp's performance isn't bad, but it is true that he can't find a clear acting tone. His role is even similar, in terms of expressions, to others that we have already seen in his extensive film career.

Instead, Mikkelsen could give it an even darker tone, so that we better understand the motivation of this villain. Now, what about Dumbledore? Well, here we could learn much more about the past of one of the most iconic characters in film history.

Precisely, this third film will be titled "The Secrets of Dumbledore , which is why we will learn many things that we thought were unthinkable about the director of Hogwarts. It is even likely that the love-hate relationship between the two sorcerers will be deepened, something that had been commented on in the books.

While fans are looking forward to this magical subplot, the reality is that we should also learn more about the protagonist's backstory. Recall that the main story is that of Newt Scamander, a young introvert who is dedicated to investigating more about some of the most mysterious magical creatures in the magical world.

This means that it will be very important for the franchise that both stories can coexist harmoniously. Surely, Newt Scamander will have a prominent role for the conflict between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, but it is essential that everything feels natural and there are no forced inclusions, since both plots have value.

In short, everything is given for Fantastic Beasts 3 to be a redemption of what was a somewhat problematic second installment. If they manage to perfectly tell one of the most important conflicts in the history of JK Rowling's universe, we will be facing the "definitive" prequel to Harry Potter. Now available in theaters!