8 Stand-ups On Netflix That You Can Not Miss

Don't you know what to watch on streaming platforms anymore? We recommend these 8 stand-ups on Netflix that you cannot miss.

Dave Chapelle, Franco Escamilla, Sofia Nino de Rivera, and Hannah Gadsby

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The stand-up is a type of humorous monologue in which the comedian interacts directly with the public through stories or experiences and that originated in the United States and has gradually increased its popularity in Latin American countries. That is why in this article we bring you a list with some recommendations of the best Stand-up routines that you can find on Netflix.

Dave Chappelle: The Closer

Let's start these recommendations with who, for many, is considered one of the best stand-up comedians. We are talking about Dave Chappelle. We will focus on "The Closer" as the closing of a series of several specials that we can find on Netflix. In this special, the comedian addresses the issue of gender identity and puts it into perspective from his point of view as a man of African descent. Caveat! The humor that this comedian manages is not for everyone and we can analyze it from a deeper perspective where comedy puts issues on the table and this infinite debate between the fine line of how far you can go with comedy and on what topics can tackle.

Franco Escamilla: For the anecdote

One of the most outstanding comedians on the scene is, without a doubt, Franco Escamilla. This time we present you his first special on Netflix. What are the situations that men face and are they different from women? What uncomfortable situations are experienced in everyday life? These are some of the questions that Franco Escamilla answers in this special of a little over an hour in which he exposes anecdotes that he has faced to find new material or as he would say: "For the anecdote".

Ricky Gervais: Supernature

Creator of "The Office" one of the most successful comedy series of recent times, comes with his second comedy special Ricky Gervais. Focused on the perspective that this comedian has on characteristics are the rules of comedy and how fascinating nature can be, this comedian resorts to irony with a black humor that characterizes him. Without a doubt, this special will get more than one laugh out of you.

Alex Fernández: The best comedian in the world

Who knew that a comedy special could be touching and funny at the same time? This is what Alex Fernández demonstrates in his second Netflix special. From an autobiographical perspective where he reveals how difficult it is to grow up and expose personal experiences, discover in this comedy special why Alex Fernández is the best comedian in the world.

Sofía Niño de Rivera: Exposed

It was in 2016 that Netflix presented us with Sofía Niño de Rivera's first original comedy special. From his characteristic black and sarcastic humor, in this special exponent of the traditions, customs and thoughts that inhabit within his family, which is originally from Chihuahua, taking it to the general where anyone can feel identified, also turning it into a social critic. . In addition, we can add that his second special "Natural Selection" is related to the first, since in the latter he delves into the role of the human being in society. Highly recommended.

Hannah Gabsby: Nanette

Winner of the Peabody Award and an Emmy Award for Best Screenplay, Hannah Gabsby arrives with her special : Nannette . One of the best comedy specials you can find on Netflix. In this special, Hannah takes a personal journey and exposes experiences where she addresses the issues of gender, sexuality and childhood trauma. One of the comedy specials that you cannot miss.

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Daniel Sosa: Rude Boy

In this, his second special, Daniel Sosa takes a personal journey in which he reflects on childhood, education and Mexican traditions that highlight the problems and challenges of what it means to be a child. With a duration of approximately one hour, this special reminds us of childhood and those anecdotes that start from the particular, but become general and it is very easy to identify.

Natalia Valdebenito: The special

Whoever said that activism and humor do not go hand in hand is because they do not know the Chilean Natalia Valdebenito. In this special, the comedian criticizes machismo and misogyny, in addition to addressing issues such as reproductive rights and the role of women in society in a very funny way, making this special a must-see.